10 Essential Maharashtrian Jewellery to Wear with Nauvari Saree

Nauvari saree is a nine-yard-long Maharashtrian-style saree worn by almost every Maharashtrian woman either causally or on every special occasion. It is a traditional saree that looks so beautiful and timeless on every Marathi woman. The trend and tradition of wearing the Nauvari saree are passed on from one generation to another. The beauty of the outfit gets enhanced when it is worn with traditional Maharashtrian jewellery and other accessories. The traditional gold jewellery designs of Maharashtra complete the look of the bride.

Check out the list of 10 essential jewellery that, when worn with the Nauvari saree, enhance Marathi ladies’ look.

  1. Maharashtrian Nath is a unique-looking traditional nose pin woven with pearls and stones. It is the most beautiful piece of traditional gold jewellery worn by every Maharashtrian woman on special occasions. The traditional nath is paisley shaped but they are available in a variety of styles and designs in the market. The most famous Nath is “Brahmani” in Basra moti emerald.
  2. Thushi is a choker-style gold necklace set carved with beads and pearls. It has an adjustable Dori or thread at the back which makes it easier to wear. Pairing Thushi with the nauvari saree helps in giving an authentic Maharashtrian appearance to all the Marathi women.
  3. Bugadi is a crucial Maharashtrian ornament worn at the helix part of the ears. A traditional Bugadi is available only in pearls that can be matched with any colored Nauvari saree.
  4. Kolhapuri Saaj is another beautiful long necklace set that has a special meaning just like a “gold mangalsutra” for every married woman. This gold ornament design has a very unique style as it is made with the amalgamation of 21 leaves and Jav Mani (golden beads). It is also carved with ruby stones along with emeralds. This exquisite and stunning piece of jewellery when worn with a nauvari saree, makes the woman look more beautiful.
  5. Ambada is a traditional Maharashtrian bun pin tied on the round shape bun along with jasmine gajra. This completes the look when worn with a nauvari saree.
  6. Tode is a pair of bangles worn by Maharashtrian ladies, which has traditional and religious values for them. With the ethnic nauvari saree, tode can be worn with matching bangles in between.
  7. Kolhapuri Chappal is a very famous footwear in Maharashtra. These are hand-crafted and braided leather slippers tanned using a vegetable dye. They are flat and very soft to wear. When worn with the nauvari saree, it gives a traditional look to the Maharashtrian woman and makes her walk easy in the saree.
  8. Chandrakor Bindi is a traditional style, crescent shape moon bindi that is available in various colors and types. A Maharashtrian attire is incomplete without this bindi as it is an important part of the ornamentation. Pairing this Chandra bindi with Nauvari saree complete the Maharashtrian look of the lady.
  9. Vaaki is an armlet studded with ruby stones and pearls that perfectly goes with the Nauvari saree.
  10. Karnful is a lock-style earring that embraces beauty and personality when worn with a Nauvari saree.
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