12 Ways the Marketing Industry Has Changed Dramatically in 2020

COVID-19 has killed thousands of people in 2020. 

It has forced businesses to shut down permanently. People have adapted to new ways of shopping. The world is different because of COVID-19. 

Marketing is especially different. It’s not necessarily about foot traffic anymore. Pandemic marketing is entirely about boosting your online presence. It’s about working on your digital marketing. 

If people want to maintain their safety during this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important that they shop online. They are learning that it’s the safest way to shop and they may continue to shop online even after the pandemic has ended. 

It’s made industry changes in retail and changed marketing trends.

The marketing industry in particularly has changed in 2020 in various ways. Businesses need a new approach to attracting consumers going into 2021, which is why they should see what changed in marketing and adopt some of those methods. 

If you have a business or just want to become familiar with what changed in marketing, this article can help. It will discuss the 12 ways the marketing industry has changed dramatically in 2020. 

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience

The marketing industry has changed by how it views the consumer. With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on every business, it’s brought more attention to how to provide consumers with a different experience. 

With fewer in-store purchases, the customer experience is mostly about creating an online experience. The consumer wants to feel like the businesses understand their needs without directly communicating to them, without in-person communication. 

One of the ways the marketing industry has enhanced the customer experience is by understanding their needs more. It’s by updating websites, making website loading times faster, creating a mobile-friendly, and offering a more seamless shopping experience for the user. 

  1. More Personalization 

Part of enhancing customer experience is making it more personalized. This means understanding how to treat each customer differently. 

Marketing is about understanding how customers are looking for different solutions, different promotions, and different ways that can help them solve problems. 

For example, you can offer more personalization in your emails. You can segment your audience to reflect their behavior and what they have purchased. 

Personalization also means you should be looking at the analytics. You should be seeing who is making purchases, what website page your customers are on the most, and what source is producing the most traffic. 

More personalization can help in your business because it shows that you understand your ideal market. Personalization is something that will continue to evolve beyond 2020 in the marketing industry. 

  1. Voice Search 

Another way that has changed drastically in the marketing industry in 2020 is voice search.

With Alexa or Google Nest, there are more voice options to make purchases. It gives consumers the ability to make purchases without having to get on any kind of device. They don’t have to get on their desktop computer or mobile device and find something that they want to purchase. 

If your business wants to be a part of voice search, it’s important that you make your business voice-friendly. It’s something that continues to change the marketing industry and how businesses are marketing their product. 

  1. More Automation

Automation is another thing that has dramatically changed the marketing industry in 2020. 

There are more chatbots on websites and on social media that make it seem you are talking to a human. It gives businesses a way to automate their customer service without having to hire someone internally. 

Chatbots also create a more personalized experience for the user. 

There’s also automation in sales and marketing. When a consumer signs up for a product or a subscription, they will begin a sales journey that will warm them up and introduce them to your brand. 

Automation is something that continues to evolve every year, especially in 2020 with more businesses turning to online as the solution during COVID-19. 

  1. A Focus on Customer Loyalty 

Subscription and loyalty rewards have also changed the marketing industry in 2020. 

More subscription boxes opened in 2020 to help retain customers. They are continuing to be a way to show consumers why your brand matters. It shows consumers what your business can offer each month. 

With businesses turning to more reward programs and subscription models, the marketing industry has had to adapt to strategies that promote customer loyalty. 

  1. Better SEO Content

Google’s algorithm changes every year, which changes how businesses and marketing agencies promote content. 

One of the changes to the marketing industry in 2020 is how you need to produce quality content in order for your website to rank higher. 

You need to know what changes are made in Google, especially what keywords and quality content they want. It’s not about producing the most content, it’s about the best content. 

This is why it’s important for businesses to take a look at Google’s algorithm and see what they are looking for in content and what they prioritize. 

Some of the things you should consider when you write content are the keywords you are using and how original your content is. The more original and insightful it is to your target market, the more likely your content can rank higher. 

  1. Video Over Pictures

Videos continue to revolutionize the marketing industry. They are more popular and more appealing to consumers rather than posting a picture. 

The reason for this is that videos can provide more information than a photo. They can grab more attention from the consumer, especially if you provide a short tutorial video on your product. 

More businesses are incorporating videos into their website, explaining how their product works or providing testimonials. 

  1. The Power of Emails

Emails continue to be a powerful way in the marketing industry. Emails are a way to communicate with your target market without having to talk to them in person. 

Emails can also send out promotions and offer upcoming sales that your subscribers can make a purchase from. 

With COVID-19 making more people stay at home, emails have continued to be a powerful tool of communication. They help businesses with outreach and they can continue to be a critical part of the marketing industry. 

  1. Social Media Is a Powerful Tool 

Social media continues to have an impact on the business world as well as the marketing industry. 

Platforms like Tik Tok have changed the marketing industry because it’s another platform to advertise on. 

Facebook is another platform that continues to change by adding a marketplace. This is true of Instagram as well, where consumers can view and make purchases of products.

  1. More Online Content 

While there’s a need for better online content, there’s also a need for more online visibility and content. 

More people are shopping online, which means you need to have more content that addresses what your brand represents and how it helps consumers. 

The marketing industry has changed in 2020 because everyone is online. If your website was outdated and wasn’t optimized before, there’s a need to do that more than ever. 

  1. Remote Work

With COVID-19, there’s also a lot more remote work. 

Marketing agencies have had to work remotely and communicate remotely on strategies for business. This isn’t just true for the marketing industry, but for all businesses. 

Everyone has had to adapt to working remotely. Some businesses need to have a remote marketing team, while other businesses are working on remote product photography

This is why there’s more of an emphasis on online tools and how to communicate effectively. It’s about how to be productive at home and make sure that you are still effective in a business. 

  1. More Detail on Safety

The final way that the marketing industry has changed is with a focus on safety. 

More businesses are promoting their products with safety in mind. They discuss the safe ways they package and ship products. 

For example, Amazon discusses the ways it addresses the COVID-19 situation by how they safely package and ship products. They have the consumer’s interest in mind in order to protect them. 

The marketing industry has learned to adapt to ensure that the consumer’s safety is first and foremost, especially if it’s the food industry. If someone is ordering food online, they want to make sure the product is safe. 

They want to make sure it’s not going to get them sick if they eat the food. 

Now You Know Everything About Changes in the Marketing Industry

The marketing industry changed like never before in 2020 and it was mostly because of COVID-19. Businesses had to change their approach to reaching consumers. 

They had to change their marketing strategies to reflect safety. Part of that was working remotely. This is also why marketing a business’s online presence is more important than ever.

Using service will give you more followers than you’d get organically and it will happen much faster. It is important to note that there are always risks associated with these types of services, so do your research before you decide if this is the right option for you.

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