3 Reasons You Should Consider Getting a Gaming Desktop Over a Laptop

Gaming PCs – and PCs in general – are being overlooked by many people. People have grown accustomed to the convenience laptops have to offer and many see them as the default option nowadays. But, if you do most of your gaming from home, it would be a good idea to look at desktops as well. They still have tons of things to offer to gamers and you might be surprised at how much machine you could get for your money when going that route. Here are three reasons why you should consider getting a gaming desktop over a laptop.

You’ll Get a Better Machine for the Price

The biggest benefit of going for a desktop for gaming is that you’ll be able to get a super-powerful machine for a fraction of the money you’d have to spend on a comparable laptop. There are prebuilt PCs for gaming around the $1000 out there with RTX 3060 cards on them. For $1000, you’ll be lucky to get a 1650 card with a laptop, that’s if they didn’t slap an integrated graphic chip on that motherboard.

Buck for buck, you’ll never be able to beat a desktop PC. So, if you want to enjoy top-quality graphics and performance and you don’t mind having to wait until you get home to play, getting a PC is a no-brainer if you don’t have money for top specs on a laptop.

Gaming Laptops are Not that Portable

People have this idea of laptops as portable, but gaming laptops are more like movable workstations than portable PCs. These machines can get extremely heavy and can put a strain on your back if you don’t have that much strength. The battery life on these machines may also disappoint you. You’d be lucky to get four hours of playing times on high specs on a gaming laptop without plugging it in.

Then you have the fact that these machines are huge targets for thieves. So, you might not even feel comfortable playing with it in most public places. At the end of the day, most people who buy gaming laptops use them at home principally, so the price increase is not always worth it.

Gaming Desktops are Easier to Upgrade

Some of the laptops out there are nearly impossible to upgrade. And when they’re upgradeable, it’s usually tough to do it on your own.

This is not the case with gaming desktops. Many desktops are made with expansions in mind. So if you want a top-of-the-line graphics card but don’t need the biggest SSD and RAM on the planet, you could always start with what you have and make enhancements later. Swapping your card out with a more recent model will be a breeze as well.

There are tons of reasons why desktops should still be on your radar when searching for a gaming machine. Look at the pros and cons of each option and take your time before making your final decision.

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