3 Stunning Rolex Watches and Who Should Wear Them

When it comes to Rolex watches, it is easy to believe that one is the same as the other. If you take a hurry Metro on certain European Subway lines, you’ll notice that the suits and boots and Rolexes are very complementary to one another. However, if you go a bit further into the Geneva-based company’s collection, you’ll find a diverse selection of watches. Rolex watches aren’t within everyone’s budget because you’re never going to get much change from seven or eight thousand dollars, but the company is much more than just a stylish piece of wristwear to flaunt in conferences or over dinner. In addition to the classics, Rolex offers a “professional” line of watches, which comprises timepieces designed for various professions and interests, such as sailing, swimming, racing, and aviation, among others. The following is a guide to choosing the perfect Rolex to complement your habits.

For Your Everyday Use: Rolex Datejust

Although the concept of a daily Rolex may appear to some to be an oxymoron, we believe the Datejust meets all of our requirements. The Datejust is arguably the most iconic Rolex, and it is the type you are most likely to see while out and about. It is extremely customizable, with Rolex providing a range of case sizes and materials, as well as straps and bezels, in addition to a range of face colors and decoration choices.

The case sizes range from 28mm to 41mm, and the materials used include white gold, yellow gold, steel, or a combination of the three. The dial colors are gold, blue, white, silver, black, and pink, and there are two bracelet styles and two bezel designs to choose from. In other words, the Datejust can be styled to look equally at home with your vacation wardrobe as it does with your business attire or weekend finest.

The Datejust, formerly known as the Oyster when it was first introduced in the 1940s, has seen little change over the years. The inclusion of the iconic Cyclops magnification lens, which has since become a distinguishing feature of Rolex watch design, added a date complication. Today’s Datejust is powered by a self-winding automatic movement with a 3235 caliber and a power reserve of approximately 70 hours.

For the Exec: Rolex Day-Date

A Rolex Day-Date in all-gold, along with a matching ‘president’ bracelet, is the ultimate symbol of accomplishment and status. In the wrong company, it can come across as a little ostentatious and even pretentious. Even in a less visually appealing design, the Day-Date is a timeless watch. It will appear right at home popping out from beneath your shirt cuff during that critical meeting.

When the Day-Date watch debuted in the 1950s, it was the world’s first, displaying both the day and the date. The day of the week written in full across the 12 o’clock position is an eye-catching yet functional complication that many customers will find considerably more useful than a moonphase complication.

You’ll be in the fantastic conversational company if you wear a Day-Date. Former owners include Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy of the United States of America. The structure is located in Manhattan’s central business district. The current model is a fantastic choice, with a small 36mm diameter, 100 meters of water resistance, and a battery life of approximately 70 hours.

For the Watch Aficionado: The Cellini Moonphase

The Cellini Moonphase, a part of Rolex’s classic watch series, is designed for those who take their timepieces seriously but prefer a traditional style that does not draw attention to their flying, racing, or yachting exploits. Instead, this clock in 18ct rose gold features a straightforward white face set inside a subdued 39mm body.

However, behind the surface of its apparent simplicity lies a marvelously sophisticated 3295 caliber movement with a moonphase complexity that Rolex promises will remain astrologically precise for 122 years before it needs to be adjusted.

The full moon that appears on the face of the Cellini is created from a real piece of meteorite, and it wanders slowly around the complex as each day of the month passes. This is entirely appropriate. 


As mentioned, the Datejust is undoubtedly the most recognizable Rolex, and the most common to be seen on the street. Meanwhile, a gold Rolex Day-Date with a corresponding ‘president’ bracelet is the pinnacle prestige symbol. Lastly, for individuals who take their watches professionally but want a classical appearance that doesn’t alert people to their activities, Rolex has created the Cellini Moonphase.

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