4 Major Features for Choosing a Smartwatch

If you are a tech enthusiast or into gadgets. Smartwatch is one of the great tech inventions in this digital age. When we talk about digital transformation, this has helped it leaps and bounds. But when choosing a smartwatch what should you look for?

Here are the top 4 features you should definitely focus on:

Operating system

You should check the compatibility of your smartphone with a smart watch before purchasing. After all, it depends on whether the watch will be able to fully fulfill its task. For example, HUAWEI WATCH GT for sale is available and it has amazing operating system and similarly many others are available in the market.

Most modern models do not support older versions of operating systems.

There are several options.

  1. Most of the major manufacturers work with Google. Their devices run Android OS, including a dedicated Wear OS. Adapted for android LG, Huawei, Sony, Moto, Fossil and others.
  2. A separate group is formed by the eminent Apple. They have their own WatchOS software.
  3. There is also Tizen from Samsung, designed for the company’s proprietary technology.
  4. There are general-purpose systems like the Pebble OS. They can be used with both Android and Apple.


Let’s talk about sizes first. An accessory with an overly large screen will be heavy, and even more uncomfortable sleeping with it. The small display is also not very impressive: the icons are tiny, there is little information to fit. The ideal dial size is 1.4-1.7 inches.

Image quality is largely determined by the type of LCD. There are several of the most common solutions:

  • TFT is a simple and cheap technology, so the picture is not the best.
  • IPS – it is more expensive, but the parameters of color rendering, brightness and viewing angle are better here.
  • OLED – the screen consists of separate LEDs, which means that it does not need external backlighting. It has a wide viewing angle and much higher contrast. The color of the glow is different, which is why the characteristics also change.


Touch control is ubiquitous. In tandem, there is a push-button adjustment, when activation and functions are turned on by a button on the edge of the case.

Mechanical adjustment elements can be added. A rotating ring (bezel) runs along the perimeter of the case, the rotation of which in opposite directions enables some options.

Gesture control is not uncommon. The simplest of them: when you lift your wrist up, it unlocks. But the list is not limited to this, and many other gestures are available that are responsible for various operations.

Voice control is very popular now. All top-end devices are able to recognize commands and respond to them.

Materials and degree of protection

Consider what the accessory parts are made of. The strap is made from:

  • Plastic or silicone – inexpensive, sports and youth models;
  • Stainless steel or leather (natural or artificial) – classic and representative items;
  • Textiles are a stylish and eco-friendly option, but over time, such a bracelet loses its attractiveness.
  • It’s good if the strap is removable. Then you can choose the right one for any look. But you should find out how common replacement elements are in stores.

The body of budget samples for sports is made of plastic. The alternative is metal: stainless steel or aluminum, which is also the most durable. However, scratches inevitably appear on such a surface. Expensive devices are made of ceramics.

In the characteristics, you will find such markings as IP. It indicates the degree of protection against the ingress of solid objects and moisture. The higher these values, the more extreme conditions the device will withstand. The following values ​​are often found:

  • IP65 – maximum protection against dust and splashes is provided;
  • IP66 – they are not afraid of water jets;
  • IP67 – allowed to be submerged under water no more than 1-2 m for a short time;
  • IP68 – submersion to a depth of three meters is permissible.

Choose products with at least IP67 marking. You must admit that taking off your watch just to wash your hands is not very convenient.

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