4 Things to keep in mind while buying a kaftan

New styles and designs originated in different parts of the world. Further, you can wear kaftans from jeans to trousers to even nothing. Kaftans are some of the most comfortable and breathable clothing. It gained popularity as an exotic form of a loose-fitting wardrobe staple. Further, the infamous French fashion designer Paul Poiret popularised this style in the early 20th century.

As time passed, there came many variations of kaftans. It is all-event wear because you can customise it for a beach party, office party, or casual summer put-on.

However, you have to keep certain things in mind while purchasing one.

How to choose the perfect kaftan?

While it might seem an easy task to shop for a kaftan, there are certain things you must consider. The print, colour and size should match your size and personality. These four checklists will guide you to your perfectly fitting kaftan.

Check the size

Kaftans seem to be ‘one size fits all clothing in the first go. However, that’s far from true. A kaftan should not be too tight or too loose. You will look suffocated if it’s too tight; if it’s too loose, all your curves will get hidden.

Hence, pick one that will freely fall on your body and feel neither tight nor loose.

Buy according to the length

You will find kaftans in all sizes and lengths. While it doesn’t matter what length you wear, what matters is how you pair it. If you are short, you can wear a long kaftan as a dress. Wear tight jeans or jeggings instead of flare pants if you want to pair them.

Taller girls can go for mid or long kaftans, according to the occasion.

Pro-tip: You can pair your long kaftans with strappy heels for a slender look. Avoid shoes with kaftans unless you have studded and fancy ones.

Go for prints and colours that compliment you

Usually, the prettiest kaftans are in bold and bright colours. Go for beautiful and unique prints and see your personality change within seconds. Choose according to the occasion. For instance, if you go to the beach, you can go anything from blue to green to yellow. If it’s a night party, go for shades of purple, dark blue, black or white.

For regular use, you can choose neutrals or ones with lesser patterns.

Keep an eye on the fabric

No matter what clothes you buy, always check the material. The best ones are made from cotton, silk, chiffon, etc. You can buy a cotton kaftan for regular use. These are affordable, stylish, and good for the skin during the summer.

Silk kaftans are statement clothing pieces for special occasions or events. If you are on vacation, pick bright patterned chiffon kaftans. These are flowy and very light to carry. Further, if you plan to buy a sheer kaftan, you can buy a camisole for layering celeblifes wearfanatic fullformcollection gyanhindiweb.

Kaftans have become an item of go-to clothing for any occasion. Australians love this piece of clothing that one can modify as a party or beach wear. Nothing can go wrong with a kaftan. Hence, mix up your wardrobe with embellished and printed kaftans.

Moreover, you can pair your kaftan with accessories such as a small purse or handbag. Further, if your kaftan is printed and has lots of embellishments, go minimal on the jewellery. Moreover, you can also get dolled up in a kaftan in the winter. Grab a suede or a fur coat to finish off that classy look.

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