5 Facts Nobody Told You About Vacuum Cleaner

Are you having difficulty buying vacuums? Alternatively, some of the misconceptions have misled you into purchasing an ineffective vacuum. We explain different facts about vacuums that will change your buying criteria and the difference between bagged and bagless vacuums

A team of experts prepared a list of facts about vacuums to help consumers. The list is according to the manufacturer with over 60 years of knowledge and experience.

Here are 5 facts about vacuum cleaners:

1. The Amp does not determine vacuum performance

Many customers assume that the higher amp vacuum performs better than a low amp. It is incorrect since the vacuum motor amp does not affect its performance. In some cases, low amp vacuums perform better than a higher amp. The motor amp provides the amount of energy a vacuum will use.

2. Place the vacuum strategically

It is common for people to place the vacuum lower to the carpet because they believe it cleans effectively. The logic is far from the truth. Manufacturers recommend placing the vacuum high but low enough to brush the carpet effectively.

The vacuum settings allow sufficient airflow into the vacuum nozzle while the brushes lift the nap to do a perfect job. If the vacuum is too low, it seals the carpet, stops airflow, and eventually, the motor, brush roller, and belt will have unwanted strain.

For vacuum longevity, customers should pay attention to height adjustment.

3. The best vacuums have bags

Advancements in technology created a vacuum with no bags. It does not mean that bagless vacuums are better than bag vacuums. On the contrary, the best vacuums have bags. At the same time, there are good bagless vacuums in the market that consumers like.

Here is why experts recommend bagged vacuums:

  • A bagged vacuum cleaner price per year is less than the expensive filters for a bagless vacuum.
  • They are lightweight and easy to use.
  • Bagged vacuum can last for an extended period. Consumers need to replace the bags with lasting longer.
  • Anybody who has allergies should consider buying a high-quality vacuum with a bag because it is safe. The bagged vacuum does not leak any dirt or dust.

It is essential to know that an average vacuum filter lasts between 3-5 years.

4. The weight of a vacuum does not determine its ease when using

Some vacuums have more weight but are easy to push and maneuver. The fact remains for both carpeted and bare floors. Advertising has misled people to think that a vacuum must have a particular weight to push easily.

If you want to buy a vacuum, you should try a few vacuums before buying. The process will help you pick the best model.

5. One must service the vacuum regularly

A common misconception is that vacuum does not require servicing. It is incorrect. Vacuums are different from other household appliances; they have dirt, hair, and dust blowing through it. It requires regular servicing and maintenance. Manufacturers recommend maintaining a vacuum in 12-24 months.

Regular maintenance ensures that the vacuum runs efficiently and will triple its lifespan.

The Bottom Line

The misconceptions about buying vacuum cleaners have misled consumers to buy ineffective vacuums. Brand advertisers do not care about product longevity rather sales. Customers need to understand some facts about vacuums to help them buy.

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