5 Instagram hacks that you should know right now

Today we are back again with another set of Instagram tips and tricks that will mesmerize you. 

Generating traffic on your Instagram account can be very challenging. Many people create an account to get famous or to get appreciated for their works. But leave out when they don’t get enough response. We don’t want you to be a part of them. And with that sight in mind, we have brought another set of our favorite Instagram hacks to keep things interesting on your end. It would be best if you didn’t feel gloomy, and that’s why we have hand-picked these frequently asked hacks for you.

Hidden Tricks of Instagram 

  1. Custom Status: Instagram recently launched a custom status feature, and many people don’t know about it, and that’s because it’s somewhat tricky. Now, if you are wondering how your friends are setting custom status and you cant add custom status on Instagram. You need an app called thread for this feature. Just install the app for Instagram and then select the friends who will see the custom status you have just posted and then set the current status to automatic to enable this feature. And the funny thing about the app is the person doesn’t need to install the app to see your status. 

Group Unfollow People: The ability to unfollow a massive number of people at once is the thing that we always wanted for so long. Especially those you don’t like so much. You can go to your Instagram profile and go to the following list. 

  1. You can see here that there’s a new “least interacted with” section, which shows the list of the persons that you have interacted with within the last 90 days. And you can quickly unfollow all of them at once. 
  2. Browse over video call: this feature got its peak hype during the lockdown period. When you are on a video call taking with someone on Instagram, you will find a media option. Well, you can use this to browse posts with friends. Now say you want to talk about a particular post with your friend where if you select those posts, you and your friends will both be able to see them. 
  3. GetInsta: GetInsta is a necessary tool for your account. It can help you to get more followers, and all of them will be genuine Instagram users. So there is no scope for anybody to find out about this trick. Also, you can now get free Instagram likes on any of your posts. It’s that simple. 
  4. View likes on posts: Instagram has taken a bold move to start hiding likes. Some people still can see the likes; on the other hand, people won’t see your likes at all. To see the likes of any post, you will need to copy the link to that post. Go to google chrome and move to incognito mode. Then paste the link and search. When the page is ready, you can count the likes and see who has liked your post. 
  5. Download Instagram Posts: Using DownloadGram, you can download Instagram photos and videos without the need for third-party software or other programs. DownloadGram is the most effective Instagram downloader available, and it’s completely free to use as well. For starters, downloading videos and photographs in their original quality is made possible by DownloadGram’s unique technology. The next time you’re looking to back-up Instagram content you know where to go. It’s reliable and works on all devices since it’s a browser-based web app. Check it out!

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Likes play a significant role in your time spent on Instagram. This is why we have put more focus on your like counts and visibility facilities. If you are in crying need of free likes, you can use Instagram auto liker free for use. And no other site other than “GetInsta” can help you with it. So make the best use of it while you can. We hope our trick will help your attention get back on Instagram and help you use Instagram more efficiently.

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