5 Reasons for Choosing Abrasive Blasting Techniques

Abrasive blasting is a way to clean surfaces by pushing material against them at high pressure. Some common things used for abrasive blasting are walnut shells, pumice, and glass beads. For more difficult cleaning tasks, more abrasive media may be used. Steel grit is a popular choice for blasting surfaces in preparation for painting.

Therefore, it is important to use a competent Abrasive Blast Solutions firm, as they will have the knowledge and experience to select the appropriate media for your task. Just a few of the many reasons of using abrasive blasting on your next job are listed below.

1.  Removes Contaminants:

There are a lot of things that could get on your parts during or after the manufacturing process that could make it nearly impossible to apply coatings and finishes. Even a thin layer of oil on a part can make the finish look bad and uneven or keep surface treatments from sticking. Old paint is yet another typical surface impurity that needs to be eliminated during renovation.

Paint can be hard to get off, especially if there are several layers of it. Using chemicals to get rid of oil, paint, and pollutants is possible, but it’s not always the most convenient option, and it sometimes requires keeping the chemicals on-site. Abrasive blasting provides a viable and practical alternative that is both effective and efficient.

2.  Quick Turnaround:

Metal surfaces are extremely difficult to clean. Hours or perhaps days will be needed to finish most of the cleaning tasks. Abrasive blasting, on the other hand, makes the entire cleaning procedure fast and efficient by easily removing even the most stubborn rust. The sand used in blasting provides an extreme abrasion. The metal surface is left clean and ready for liquid coating after corrosion and old paint have been rapidly and simply stripped away.

3.  Provides Safe Environment:

When compared to other methods of surface preparation, abrasive blasting solution is a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to chemical methods. Many additional methods involve the use of acids and other substances that are toxic to the respiratory system or cause skin and eye irritation.

When compared to these methods, abrasive blasting uses abrasive components such as metal, glass, garnet, and shell grit to achieve the same results. As a result, both the worker and the environment are protected from harm thanks to this method. Each procedure is carried out in a sealed off area, protecting the operator from potentially dangerous dust particles.

4.  Removes Rust:

If you want to fix up old things, rusty surfaces should be your first concern. Rust forms on metals when they come into contact with oxygen and is extremely challenging to remove without damaging the surface beneath. You could end up with dents that look bad and are hard to fix.

Also, using traditional methods to get rid of rust could take many hours, but abrasive blasting is a quick and effective way to do it. It’s useful for getting rusted metal back to its shiny pre-rust state.

5.  Cost-Effective:

Several common surface preparation methods have been shown to be inefficient and expensive. When compared to other surface prepping methods, abrasive blasting solution stands out for its low cost, speed, and overall effectiveness. Traditional hand tools and abrasives will add extra time and money to the process of preparing surfaces for a new coat of paint or finish.

To get rid of paint or rust, you might also need to use harsh chemicals, which will cost more and put your health at risk. Abrasive blasting, on the other hand, can help you save even more time and energy.

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