5 Thrilling Adventures to Experience in Dubai

Dubai- one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, has loads to offer to its tourists. From luxurious malls, to adventurous desert safari, to breath-taking beaches, Dubai is a complete hub in itself. But if there is one thing that Dubai has an edge over, is that it gives a platform to umpteen thrilling adventures. And someone has truly mentioned that investing in experiences and not products, and that’s how your life will become valuable.

Now, there are a range of options for thrilling adventures to try your hands on when in Dubai. You can go ziplining or bungee jumping for the adrenaline rush, or can revel in the waters. Whatever, might be the case, Dubai promises you a thrilled stay with the right guidance, support system and most importantly coaches to help you live the dreams.

Now, if you are wondering which activities to try, here we have a curated list of five most thrilling and unique adventures which we feel are a must try once in a lifetime. Read on to know more.

  1. Zip Lining- A thrilling adventure which is simple yet nail-biting is the zip lining. Plunge yourself into Zipline Dubai activity as you sway your way from one place to another, several feet above the waters. As exciting as it sounds, the activity is fun to operate too. Before starting the main zipline, a demo is given for the participants to get a hang of how to adjust their weight, what steps to take in case the sliding stops mid-way and other safety instructions. When in Dubai do try the zipline at the XLINE Dubai Marina place. Bookings can be done in advanced and there are trained experts to guide you through the entire activity
  2. Bungee jumping- Imagine flying approximately 50 meters above the surface of the earth. and as you glide your way down, feasting your eyes on the panoramic views of Burj Khalifa and the gorgeous shorelines of the Dubai beaches? Sounds exciting? Well, you can experience it too, with Bungee jumping off the planes in Dubai. There are a variety of trained experts that can help you with that and trust me it’s an experience of a lifetime. And the fun doesn’t stop here. As soon as you feel you are reaching the earth, you get pulled up back again.. now that’s what we call adventure!
  3. Shark Diving- Now you would need a herculean heart to try on this activity, but Shark Diving is considered to be one nerve-wrenching experience that sports enthusiasts might like to indulge in. You get a chance to dive along with the sharks in the Dubai Aquarium as you sway your way through the waters. It is a bit expensive and requires a lot of safety equipment to be kept in sync while performing the diving activities. And yes, moving with the sharks can be intimidating as well as exciting. So, if you are courageous enough to meet the sharks, do try out shark Diving.
  4. Seabreacher Ride- Experience the underwater Dubai waters and the surroundings, in a majestic way with the Seabreacher ride. Shaped in the form of a dolphin, and maneuvered by trained experts, the ride gives you a good peak into the underwater, say about seven feet deep and also the surroundings, as you gush at twenty feet high above the surface of water. The action-packed activity will leave you enthralled. It is quite a safe water sport, though we suggest not to book it in case you have any serious ailments. Get the feel of a submarine, interspersed with high-speed jetting as you go above and under the water
  5. Jet skiing- Biking on the surface of waters… Now that’s what we call jet skiing. Enjoy the splash of white waters as you manoeuvre your way through the water. Generally, experts are there to guide you and might also accompany you through our journey. Jet skiing can span from anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes, depending upon your preference and the pricing. Get eclectic with aquatic feel as you jet ski either alone or as a couple. Dubai offers places in Jumeriah, where you can ski and view the surrounding views together.
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