7 Benefits of Video Animation For Your Business

As an entrepreneur, one of the greatest challenges that you will face in business is product marketing. Even after doing your best to create a premium product or service, you still have to use clever ways to create interest in customers.

Luckily, the online world has great solutions to your marketing problem, and one of the most effective is using video animation. But why is that? It’s simply because video animation offers, among others, benefits like increased profitability, better engagement rates, and improved brand awareness. 

This article presents to you 7 of the top benefits of video animation for your business. So read on to learn.

1. Animation Will Help You Bring Any Idea to Life

The degree of customization and creativity that comes with video animation makes it undeniably easy to bring any story or message to life. And this is possible even without having to use complicated sets or special effects.

At The Sketch Effect, we bring static messages to life with video animation services allowing you to create a lasting influence in the minds of potential buyers. That way, you will not only attract new clients, but it will also be easier for you to retain them.

2. Animation Is Loved Worldwide

Taking a look at the great popularity of animations like Family Guy or The Simpsons, it’s evident that animation is appealing to a global audience.

For this reason, the message in your video animation is more likely to reach a wider audience over a larger geographical region. So if you are targeting buyers on a national scale or larger, using video animation in your marketing strategy can make a huge difference.

3. It’s Easy to Injection Emotion Into the Message

One of the best strong points of animation is that it can easily blend emotion with storytelling. It’s easy to create a strong narrative using the most ideal characters so that you can connect with your customers at a personal level.

Combine that with perfectly formulated sounds and visuals, and you have a marketing tool that will take the attractiveness of your product or service to the next level.

4. You Get To Boost Conversions

Video animation has one of the highest conversion rates in the marketing industry. With these rates currently at more than 80%, animated videos are capable of helping you to maximize your profits since they actually inspire buyers to make purchases.

So, try to include an animated video on the landing page of your website and see the difference that brings!

5. Animation Helps to Build Rapport

You probably didn’t know this before, but about 50% of consumers are interested more in video content than other kinds of content. Videos will naturally engage more thanks to their personal and interactive touch.

Animation particularly makes it possible to build a strong rapport with customers since it offers a larger room for creativity. That way, you can easily deliver your message in a way that resonates with your audience.

6. Animation Makes Your Business Stand Out

The internet world is moving to a future where up to 87% of the internet traffic will be video content. This means that your video content will be competing with other videos in your field and outside for attention.

Rather than use uninteresting testimonials or demonstration videos, employ well-designed animated videos to make a mark. You will attract and engage a large following and cut through the noise in a way that will make your business can stand out.

7. Animation Saves You Time and Money

Compared to live-action videos, animations won’t age very quickly. You’ve probably seen live videos from recent years which employed fashions that appear ridiculously dated right now. They obviously cost money to create, and redoing them presents a major expense.

As if the cost to maintain them isn’t enough, live-action videos are generally more expensive to create compared to animated videos. They also take more time to create. And that’s not all – live-action videos take longer to convey messages compared to animated videos.

In the end, you save a lot of time and money when you use animation.

Grow Your Business With Video Animation

As you can see, there are lots of weighty reasons for incorporating video animation in your marketing strategy.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, video animation services from The Sketch Effect will unleash its hidden potential and help you beat the competition.

So, why not start your journey to success today?


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