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A Link Insertion Service Dashboard That Allows You to Submit Guest Posts for Links

If you’re looking for a link insertion service that allows you to submit guest posts, you’ve come to the right place. You can find a host of these services in one convenient dashboard, including Google Analytics, Opti Monster, and other similar services. These services help you monitor your links and conversions, and they’re all free! Here, we’ll take a look at three of the most important features of each service, including their conversion analytics, referral detection, and referrals.

Opti Monster’s conversion analytics

The Opti Monster lead capture platform is an excellent tool for generating email lists from visitors who visit your website. In addition to displaying in-content opt-in forms, Opti Monster offers a Fullscreen option that requires the visitor to take an action. Generally, this type of form is used as a welcome message or gateway message. Opti Monster is available on four different price tiers.

The platform was originally designed as a WordPress opt-in form plugin, but now provides a standalone hosted service that is the hub for all things opt-in form and pop-up creation. Opti Monster is especially powerful, offering the easiest drag-and-drop editor. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up pop-ups, and the platform has advanced design options for websites.

Google Analytics

If you’re looking for a service that will allow you to submit guest post for links, you’ve probably heard about SEOmoz. Not only does this company have a lot of marketing muscle behind it, but its dashboard allows you to keep track of orders, too. The service skews toward guest posts and promises to create content that is not promotional. The dashboard makes it easy for you to track how well your posts are doing on the search engines.

To ensure that Google will give you credit for your guest posts, be sure to make sure the blog you’re pitching them to uses the same keywords. Google won’t penalize you for using this tactic, but it’s not a great idea to do it regularly. Plus, you might end up hurting your chances of ranking if you use spammy anchor text and publish posts on low-quality blogs.

Opti Monster’s Referrer Detection feature

Opti Monster is a popular web application that provides an email opting form. It offers several opting form templates and popups. Users can also customize the templates. The templates are attractive and can be easily customized to meet their specific needs. It also supports a monthly package. The pricing of Opti Monster depends on the type of package you need. It ranges from a one-time payment to a monthly subscription.

Referrer detection is a feature that enables you to show a campaign only to visitors referred by another website. If your website has an API key and you want to use it to track your traffic, this feature is available for you. However, you should remember that it is not recommended to use multiple logic in one form. It is better to create separate campaigns for each campaign. To use the Referrer detection feature, you should first connect your account with Google analytics. Then, you can publish the campaign to start receiving traffic. Opti Monster’s referrer detection feature can be used for multiple platforms.

Opti Monster’s Referrer Detection dashboard

Opti Monster offers an advanced list-building platform that enables you to customize your emails, popups, and landing pages with more control over the placement of your offer. This type of tool can help you increase your email sign-up conversion rates by reducing cart abandonment. Opti Monster has 6 types of campaigns, including LightBox Pop-up, which captures visitor’s attention by flashing in front of them and gradually fading into the background. It forces visitors to make a decision to opt-in and receive more information from your site.

Opti Monster’s referrer detection dashboard gives you a complete view of your marketing campaigns, enabling you to identify and target visitors based on their interests. It also allows you to segment your email list by visitor location. If your visitors are repeat visitors, you can use onsite retargeting to show them relevant content.


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