All about the pro mist filter

Be it aesthetics or subtleness, every filmmaker likes to create shots that are soothing to the eyes of the audience. Hence, the mist filters were invented to create a hazy, gloomy effect for the image. The pro mist filter is a particular type of mist filter which softens the skin and creates a dreamy effect on the picture.

Most YouTubers and vloggers use this filter to give their reels a cinematic look. It is worth the investment as the filter knows just the perfect way to bring a boring shot to life.

Why is this filter widely used?

This filter can be used with other filters to create many new filters. These filters are usually found in a circular shape to suit most camera lenses. Still, they can also be cut and made into different forms according to a few rare and exceptional cameras. The black pro mist filter lowers the overall contrast and dims the highlights of a shot. It gives an atmospheric look and is perfect for shooting on a gloomy evening. A fog-like effect is created by diffusing the light source across the image. The shadows are made rich and noticeable since the highlights are dimmed.

The intensity of the light diffused depends on the density of the filter. They come in different thicknesses like ¼ and ⅛. Some are also labelled as 10% and 20% and even in whole numbers like 3. The filter comes in various sizes, ranging from 35mm to 85mm. Few prime lenses come up to diameters of 92mm upon customised orders.

Perfect addition to nightlife

Ever wondered why a city’s nightlife is so beautiful? While the clubs and bars keep a city’s nightlife active in real life, the pro mist filter helps keep it alive. Night shots are made exquisite by creating a bloom and soft diffusion on the lights. In addition, a soothing pastel effect is created, making the shot dreamy and hazy without changing the colours.

It is not an exaggeration to say that these filters have captured a substantial share in the lens market for the past 30 years. Even the lowest density of this filter significantly impacts the highlights and tone of the shot and adds warmth to it. Heavier thicknesses make even the minute characteristic in the picture more apparent, bringing every detail in the image to life. If one wants an aggressive diffusion of light, it’s better to use heavier densities and vice versa.

This filter is made of colour-core technology that softens wrinkles and blemishes, creating perfection. The filter is sold in the market starting from $59.99- $149.99. One can purchase this filter through online websites depending on the size and density of their choice. But the catch here is that by the time the lens is delivered, the glass of the lens breaks and is covered with dust. This is mainly because most of the lenses are imported. Hence, going offline before investing in this filter is recommended.

An alternative to this filter

The best alternative to this filter is the vintage, less commonly used by small YouTubers and beginners in photography. They are expensive compared to the mist filter. They create an old-time look with their imperfect glass lens. The flaws in vintage lenses can be used to generate vignette looks and capture aesthetics. This lens also dims highlights and contrasts but is less effective than the mist filter. Professional photographers always find the difference between shots created with mist and vintage lenses, as the shots captured with the former are perfect for the naked eye.

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