All You Need to Know about Hair bundles

Hey beautiful! If you’re looking to do something fun with your hair, this blog is just for you! Hairstyling need not always be permanent and we both know that. So this blog is going to be your guide to weave hair. The next time you feel like a 3:00 AM hair change, we got your back.

Hair bundles are a body of hair extensions. Hair extensions are clip ons that you wear on your head. It’s like clips but with hair attached to those clips so that they give you some extra volume. Hair extension wefts that are bound together make hair bundles. These bindings are usually done with soft ribbons so that it’s not harsh on the hair.

Hair vendors prefer procuring human hair bundles from Asian countries. Asian people are believed to be a good source of quality virgin hair.

We’re not going to leave you alone on the hunt for perfect cheap virgin hair bundles. We have some tips for you!

Measure your hair. You’ll need three hair bundles if your hair measures approximately 18 inches. If your hair is longer than 18 inches then you will need four hair bundles or more.

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Why would you need human hair bundles?

Hair bundles are a great go-to if you find yourself in need of some extra volume and length. Hair bundles come in varying lengths. The lengths you choose for your hair bundles will determine the length of the layers you pick for your hair.

Some people deliberately go to varying lengths to add some drama to their hair. The good news about hair bundles is you can cut, style, and colour your hair bundle how you like it. Since hair bundles are temporary, you need not worry about damaging them.

Some facts on hair bundles

Each hair bundle is 100 grams. Some brands sell 100% of 100 grams worth of human hair in hair bundles on the internet. The area of the hair bundle towards the top that is sown is called a weft.

If you feel like going in for a longer hairstyle, then keep in mind to select a longer hair bundle for yourself.

There are different ways you could wear hair bundles. Hair bundles can be glued, micro-ringed, or sewed in your hair. There are other methods of wearing hair bundles as well. After your hair bundles get old you can also consider turning your hair bundles into clip-ins. This is a popular practice in wearing extensions and works quite well. You will need to know about: f95 zone.

Final thoughts

Hair bundles are your best fling if you want to amp up your hairdo without damaging your natural hair. If you’re shy of showing you’re got hair bundles, go for virgin hair! That’s your best bet when it comes to a natural makeover.

Make sure you invest in the best quality sew in hair out there. This way it’ll last you longer and you won’t have to keep investing in more hair bundles.

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