Amazing facts about steel door designs

When it comes to the security of your home nothing should be put to chance. A very important aspect is the design and make of the entry door. This article will highlight various aspects of steel doors that make them a favourite in today’s door choices.

A door is a very important part of every house. Not only does it ensure your house is secure, but it also forms part of the decor of the house. A door helps to keep intruders out and when designed a certain way, it adds to the beauty of the house itself. Known for their reliability in security and beauty, steel doors are becoming very popular.

Entry doors

A house may need many doors but the most crucial one is the main entry door. This door needs to be beautiful as well as strong. You can choose any other material for making the other doors in the house but the best one for the entrance is a steel door.

Advantages of steel doors

Steel doors will ensure your entry door is burglar-proof. Installing one at your home will keep your mind at ease considering the rising cases of burglary. Steel is a very difficult material to break down. Steel doors are also very heavy and this adds to their burglar-proofness.

When asked to consider steel doors, most Kenyans would picture some of the ugly looking pieces seen around. This is not the case these days. Steel door designs in Kenya have evolved into strong and beautiful varieties that can complement every design perfectly. They even have amazing finishes like the wood grain finish. You can also have your door in a colour that appeals to you, choosing from a variety of amazing colours.

Steel doors are extremely durable. They do not bow, break or dent easily. For this reason, they last longer than other doors. The stronger hinges that come with these doors ensure an installation that lasts long. Weather elements such as the sun and rain do not stand a chance against steel doors.

Steel doors require minimal maintenance. When they become dirty, you only need to wipe or wash them and they will be shiny and beautiful again. You should oil the hinges once in a while to keep them moving smoothly. With a great finish, they will not need repainting.

Cost of steel doors

You will find steel doors at very affordable prices in Kenya. If you look beyond the locally made steel doors that are of very poor quality and finish, you can find beautiful and reliable doors at Ksh19,500 for a single door and Ksh28,000 for double doors.

Disadvantages of buying steel doors in Kenya

The only downside to opting for steel doors is that good steel door designs are mostly imported. For this reason, they only come in standardized sizes and designs. This means you cannot get customized doors easily since you have to choose from prefabricated designs and sizes.


If you are planning to build a house. Consider using steel doors for the entrance. It has a lot of advantages. Steel doors are highly durable, burglar-proof and can be made into very beautiful designs.

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