Benefits of using Stickers as your Marketing Strategy

Have you recently stumbled over sticker marketing, but are not really sure what stickers even have to do with advertising? Or how an adhesive-backed piece of plastic can help you hit your growth targets? 

In this article, we will reveal exactly why your business can benefit from including custom stickers in your marketing, ranging from the cost of acquisition to brand awareness. 

All of these tips can easily be added on to your current marketing efforts, or can be actioned as separate campaigns straight away. So, without further ado, let us look at how stickers can work for your business. 

1. Positive return on investment

Looking at the basic numbers first, stickers are a true powerhouse. Especially when you buy several hundred stickers in bulk, each sticker comes to only a few pennies. This makes stickers a low-risk investment that is almost guaranteed to deliver a positive return on investment. 

Since stickers are so versatile, you can put them to use in many different ways. They make great product labels and can add extra value to your packaging, making them a great all-round investment. 

2. Generate visibility 

Stickers are intrinsically shareable – just think back to being a kid at recess or on the playground. They are made to be shared and shown off. 

Your business can play with that by creating eye-catching logo stickers that can be stuck to multiple surfaces like cars, phones, water bottles, lamp posts or billboards, with permission that is! 

This is an easy way to literally spread the word about your business and reach prospects quickly. Should you not have the capacity to start a sticker campaign, you can simply add stickers to your existing efforts. 

This can be a thank-you sticker or a limited edition sticker in a PR box – make them digitally shareable with great materials and watch the Instagram stories roll in!

3. Forge positive associations

Marketing is heavily influenced by a customer’s gut feeling. But how can we engineer a gut feeling? We can’t. But we can present our business as the best possible choice by creating positive emotions that are linked to our brand. 

This is where stickers can massively support your business. We recommend adding free stickers to every order or purchase to ignite these emotions in your customers. Free stickers are rarely seen as advertising. In fact, they are perceived as quite the opposite: a gift. 

Gift-giving is a very successful marketing strategy because it evokes a psychological process called the rule of reciprocity. Upon receiving a gift, we feel the subconscious need to return this favor, which can take the form of a recommendation, a purchase or even a post on the socials. 

It also increases the likelihood of your customers using your free stickers. Just imagine your logo being used as a water bottle or laptop sticker and all the potential customers you can reach this way! 

4. Fill offline channels 

You are probably more than familiar with SEO, Google Ads and co. And while we love digital marketing, we encourage you to explore other channels on top of that. 

Especially in recent years, the digital space has become a little over-saturated with advertising, making prospects less receptive to the content they are consuming. Stickers are the perfect, low-cost way of creating an offline presence and connecting with your customers in an unprecedented way. 

As the offline world tends to be overlooked when new campaigns are created, you will easily stand out from your competitors catering to your customers offline. The most time-consuming part of any construction cost estimator business is estimating the projects.

If this sounds like something you would love to try, have a look at guerilla marketing campaigns. These focus on surprising potential customers and making them interact with your brand, leaving a lasting impression. 

There are no limits to this sort of marketing, but stickers offer an easy way to reap their rewards. We recommend using custom vinyl stickers like you can find right here for such outdoor campaigns, as they will resist rain, wind and sunshine and are scratch-proof, so get sticking! 

Convinced that stickers can boost your business and help generate exposure for your brand? We hope you found our tips and ideas helpful and are ready to give them a try. Should you have any questions, or would like to share your experience, feel free to leave a comment below. 

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