Best Poker Hands ever played on a Casino

Every hardened poker player will know that feeling when you have bagged yourself a pair of aces in your hand, confidence is riding high, the blood is pumping fast, and your heart will not stop going wild – check out king casino. But then there is that unfortunate stage where your solid pair is beaten by somebody else with a full house, three of a kind, flush, straight… the list goes on.

The point is that, with poker, you never know what you are going to receive and the randomness of it can cause complete havoc to one’s confidence. That is why you need to know what the best poker hands are, and what are some of the most ridiculous wins in poker history.

What are the Best Playable Hands in Poker?

To become one of those very rare high rollers on the poker scene, you need to know what the top hands are. By knowing them you will be able to play your hands with confidence, and eventually loot all those poor small fries who were unlucky enough to sit next to you on the table.

Everybody knows about a pair, two pair, and three of a kind, so here are the top winning hands in poker in order of their prestige:

  1. The Flush – The feeling of seeing a flush is awe-inspiring, yet it is only the fifth-best hand in poker. A flush is a hand that holds five cards all of the same suit, in no particular order, and it certainly beats a straight!
  2. Full House – Two is company, three is a crowd, but a pair and three of a kind make a full house! Wow any opponent with an unexpected full house to beat their flush.
  3. Four of a Kind – If you are looking at a four of a kind then you are one lucky fella. These rare hands will most likely produce you with the win.
  4. Straight Flush – This is exactly what you imagine, get a straight with all the cards adhering to the same suit and you are in for a straight flush. Ridiculously rare and ridiculously powerful!
  5. Royal Flush – It is time to respect our royalty, because if you are seeing a straight that spans from a ten, across the royal cards, to the ace, then you will most definitely be taking home the crown jewels.

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What are the Best Hands Ever Played in Poker?

We are going to inspire you with the biggest cash game pot in poker history win:

  •       On Nov 21st, 2009, Antonius played against Viktor Blom in a poker final
  •       The bet was raised from a humble $500 at the start to an escalated $1.35 Million
  •       When the final hand went down, there would be a pair of fives already existing on the table
  •       Blom held a pair of nines which was narrowly beaten by Antonius’ pairs
  •       Antonius got to walk home with a very healthy-looking bank account that day!

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