Best Private Holiday Tours Presented By My Way Travel.


We all commonly know that the Private Holiday tours are refer as particular travel experiences which are customized only for a specific group of people according to their travel requirements. Most often the group can be among family members sometime close friends and last but not least couples. It is unlike the common group tours where different individuals comes from different backgrounds and joins together for a group tours. If you are choosing to go on a Private Holiday tours then My Way Travels can be the perfect choice for you.  As a well renounced private holiday tour organiser with a longer list of real life experiences we exclusively design all our tour plans according to the specific clients needs. Some of the best private tours we provide are described below:

Vietnam and Thailand Private Tours:

Vietnam and Thailand are two of the best captivating countries in all over the Southeast Asia. So these countries are the most attractive private tour destination. You can choose our Thailand Private Tours if you are looking forward to visit Hanoi, Halong bay and Ho Chi Minh. We also can arrange private tours in Vietnam also if you are interested. It will be the most perfect private travel destination if you want to experience the more adventures parts of Southeast Asia without a doubt. The normal duration of these tours is almost 12- 16 days. The costing for private tours will be $1.900- $3.000 per person depending on the locations and the duration of your private tour.

Japan private tours:

We also offer most exclusive tours which are organized keep in mind that the solely for your group in Japan. If you are travelling to Japan as a couple for your private tour our main goal is to ensure a more intimate and private experience you have been looking for. We constantly work on make your private tours to be tailored in order to match your preferences and schedule. You can choose the destinations and accommodations according to your personal choice. We have trained professional guides who are highly dedicated to full fill your group’s needs and answer your specific questions. The normal duration of these tours is almost 13 days. The costing for private tours will be $4.300 per person. But it can be customize according to your needs.

Cambodia Private Tours:

My Way Travels also provide luxury private travel trips in Cambodia. You and your private group will be able to enjoy popular temples of this place including Angkor Wat which is known as the largest Hindu temple all over the world. Our Private tours in Cambodia are more adaptable for your enjoyment. Our sustainable tour packages allow you to spend more time in places you love to enjoy your trip. Our main goal is to enhance your privacy along with proper comfort of you and your loved ones. So you will be able to enjoy your trip without the presence of strangers indeed. We work constantly with proper dedication for making it ideal for your families and groups who are looking for a more relaxed and intimate vacation. The usual duration of these trips is 14 days and it will cost you $2.600 per person.


Finally we would like to say you that the private holiday tours we provide it will obviously cover a wide range of destinations as you were looking for. Specially the Cambodia Private Tours which includes wildlife safaris and adventure trips. We can tell you that it’s essential for you to plan and book these tours in order to ensure availability of the schedules. So thank you for choosing us. You can contact us for further inquiries. We are always here for you whenever you need us. Have a good day.

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