Best Tips to Improve Your Business French Easily

Do you want to improve your business French? You’ve come to the right place! Learning a language can be difficult, but you will see an improvement in no time with these tips. This article is full of great information about learning French and what it takes to become fluent in this language. We hope that you find some excellent tips for yourself and your company’s employees. Bonne lecture!

Subscribe for Le Journal de l’Économie

Le Journal de l’Économie is a video feed on France 24 that offers critical news into the international economic and business world. You can watch videos on business, politics and other exciting aspects of life there. Watch the feed every day to improve your language skills.

Find business magazines and magazines in the language that you learn. Choose local shops to look for an excellent source of current copies. Read the French and English documents at the same time. It will give you a better overview of what you have read and learned.

Read Wikipedia in French

Read the business Wikipedia article in French and then take a look at the English page. Finally, reread the French article to strengthen your understanding. You will learn how sentences are formed differently in French by comparing them. This hands-on activity will expand your sentence-building skills in business French.

Read More Aloud

Always make sure you read French texts aloud. It will help you remember what you’ve learned and give you an edge in terms of pronunciation and tone. You can choose a short article from any French business magazine or newspaper to read aloud every day or start writing a business book in French.

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Prepare a CV in French

A great way to quickly learn practical business French and at the same time build your professional portfolio is to write your resume in French. It will allow you to become familiar with the formal terminology of a French resume, as well as how to communicate your profession and accomplishments in French. Additional practice: write your dream organization cover letter in French. Ask him to check out by a native French speaker or your French tutor.

Practice All The Time

Finally, it would help if you practiced as much as possible to become fluent in business French. Use the tips we’ve listed or other favorite methods to learn how to read, write, and speak French. It is essential not only to write and read in French but communicate a lot. You can find the local group on Facebook, for example, on business and join them. Leave comments and discuss business things and search for business partners.

Follow French Business Influencers

There is an endless number of platforms where renowned French leaders and influencers offer excellent language skills for the ones who can read and listen. Pick your favorite business leaders or politicians who communicate in French to boost your business French quickly.

Sign in to Twitter or LinkedIn to look for the influencers, subscribe to their updates, comment on their posts, and maybe they will respond to you! Don’t worry if you think that your French language skills are too poor in communicating with influencers. We all have been there.


Learning the vocabulary and grammar basics is essential if you improve your business French to better communicate with clients. You can take advantage of these tips mentioned in this article – such as using flashcards for memorization or practicing conversation skills to have a successful learning experience that will lead towards more sales opportunities. What other suggestions would you add?

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