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Blackstone Is the industry-leading CFD and Forex trading broker in South Africa. When it comes to Forex and CFD trading, South Africa has been one of the world’s fastest-growing nations. Last year, Covid-19 took the world by surprise. A lot of people went out of jobs and their businesses. Hence, Forex trading was an accessible and promising opportunity to make money for everyone. 

Blackstone Futures login – a budget man’s broker

Forex trading is a market for people who can’t afford a full-time investment in the stock market. Blackstone Futures is a broker that understands that concept of convenience to the full extent. Blackstone future is a truly local and award-winning broker in South Africa. It has been established since 2009. 

Let’s review the Blackstone Futures login process for our readers. 

Login Process

Blackstone Futures login process is pretty standard. The South African broker offers several account types. We will discuss the account types briefly and also go over the general login procedure. 

Everyday things to keep in mind

  1. Login using the correct information provided to you upon signing up or by an authorized worker of Blackstone Futures
  2. Upon successful login, you will see a notification indicating a successful connection with the server.
  3. If you have trouble logging in using your credentials, contact support or try changing your password.
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Login on website

The login process on Blackstone’s web client is standard. 

  1. First of all, you need to visit Blackstone Futures’ on your smart device
  2. Make sure you have a stable internet connection, and your ISP hasn’t blocked access to the website
  3. After opening the website, you will notice a “login” button right next to the sign-up option
  4. On the login page, you can enter your credentials, i.e., your email id/username and password
  5. You will be then signed in to your account

Log in on the mobile app

The login process on mobile devices can be done through a mobile application available for IOS and Android, or you can log in on a mobile browser.

Mobile browser

The login procedure on a mobile browser is identical to the website login. However, elements may take some time to align on the mobile version of the website.

Mobile application

Mobile application for Blackstone Futures is available for both android and IOS. 

  • Download the Blackstone Futures application for your device
  • Make sure that the application is updated to the latest version
  • You should grant the required permissions to your application for it to work properly

After you have the app working correctly,

  1. Open the application
  2. Click on the “login” option 
  3. Enter your information and sign in

That is it for the login process on mobile.

Common Issues

Following are some common issues that users face when they try to login into their Blackstone Futures account.

Forgot Password?

Forgetting a password is a prevalent issue that users face. We would recommend using a third-party password manager. However, if you have forgotten your password now and lost access to your account;

  1. Click on the “Forgot Password?” option on the login page
  2. You’ll be asked to confirm your contact information
  3. You’ll receive a password reset link on your provided email to reset your password. 

Unknown errors

If you are experiencing some weird errors, then contact the Blackstone Futures login support system immediately. The support team is available 24/7 to assist the clients. 

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