Building Carports in Melbourne: 3 Cool Ideas

Rest assured that you’re exposing yourself and your car to changing elements when you’re in Melbourne. The weather in Melbourne gets you thinking about finding a way to protect your vehicle and maintain it for a longer time.

Carports are a simple way to protect your vehicle from UV rays, rain, and hail. Carports are perfect if you don’t have room for a traditional garage.

Different styles of carports are available, but not all are suitable for every home. While every person has their tastes, a little inspiration never hurts anyone. Hence, you can consider a few recommendations for building carports in Melbourne.

The list that follows will help you narrow down your options, so you can make an informed decision about which is the right kind of structure for you.

Check out these carport ideas to get inspired

There are so many things you can do with a carport. You can use it as an additional parking space or a standalone building. You can have one that is purely functional or doubles up as an add-on room for friends and family.

Whatever your needs, after going through these ideas, you’ll be in a better place to decide what kind of carport you want.

1. Double-height carport with office

This is an ideal carport for small businesses or home offices. It’s a double-height carport so you can park your car beneath it with plenty of spare space.

A sliding roller door allows you to drive into the carport and park beneath the office part of the structure.

You can place a desk, chair, and computer inside the office space and have everything you need to work remotely at your fingertips. Moreover, the extra space allows you to store your office supplies and any other equipment you might need.

2. Triple-bayed carport

A triple-bayed carport is an excellent choice for homeowners with space requirements beyond just parking their car.

A triple-bayed carport features three bays, all enclosed by windows on the sides and a roller door at the front. This design provides excellent protection from the outside weather. Here’s the bonus – it also allows you to park two cars!

The height of the carport is perfect for SUVs or 4WD vehicles too. There’s plenty of room inside the carport to store other items, such as lawnmowers, gardening equipment, and even pop-up canopies.

3. DIY kit carport

A DIY kit carport is the best for those who love taking up long-term weekend projects! The DIY kit carport is a basic carport that you can build yourself using just a few simple tools.

It is a single-bayed carport that is made from timber. A roller door at the front of the carport allows you to drive your car right inside. There is plenty of room inside the carport to store other items, such as gardening equipment.

What’s more, you can paint the carport any colour you like!

Driving the point home

A carport is essential to your home – it protects your car and eases maintenance. The space provided in a carport can also be used for storage of other items that you may not want to keep within your home.

You can get inspiration from various sources to design your carport. Who knows, yours could be one of the unique carports in Melbourne! All you need to understand is your requirements, and you’ll be on your way.

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