Business Card Trends & Designs to Rule 2021 & Beyond

To handover your business card to someone means you’re sharing a lot of information about yourself and your work ultimately. It bears your name, contact information and job title/designation but beyond the basics, overall design and creative elements are now judged when it comes to making an impression through unique business cards.

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In addition, business card design communicates a lot about your corporate culture which makes it even more important to be extra careful. Apart from the usual business cards, there’re a few high-end options that add to the super creative luxury line of business card printing. Let’s explore further

A Brief Overview of Luxury Business Card

Luxury business card is specifically used for corporate branding that has to be aesthetically amazing and informative while being minimal. It can be considered a more compact or summarised version of leaflet or flyer that serves to introduce you and your business to high-profile clients while ensuring that you and your business would be long remembered.

And as the term itself suggests; ‘luxury’ reflects high-end finish to offer a sense of grandeur. Luxury business card puts your organisation superior to the likes of your competitors with services or products truly unique and genuine.

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It must be noted that not all businesses offer a luxury flair except for those that are truly serving the likes of bigger brands or providing high-end services. Still, the digital world also allowed small and medium enterprises to compete equally with their ginormous counterparts so having a luxury business card printed for any of such businesses isn’t no longer a big challenge.

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Key Elements & Possibilities

A luxury business card can help you achieve the following objectives:

  • Impactful marketing of specialised products and services
  • Take charge of the competitive industry
  • Appeal to high-profile clients and businesses
  • More professionalism and trust in your brand for quality service
  • Builds up a long-lasting and optimistic reputation

While these are a few things that you can achieve with a luxury business card, have a look at designing and styling essential to proceed with:

1. Shape/Outline

Shape of a business card; whether luxury or the usual, must be decided before beginning with the design. It must be creative, unique and memorable that stands out from the rest. The three common shapes of a business card are:

  • Rectangular: Perhaps the most common, classic and straightforward that lets you include all relevant details given to plenty of space in a card. However, classic doesn’t mean that you make it all too simple and boring as you can incorporate many new creative elements and even give the typical rectangular shape a bit of rework!
  • Square: With all sides equal, square-shaped business cards are ideal for small and mid-sized industries that offer a limited number of services. It bears contact information at one of the two sides and an official logo or a QR code on business card on the other.
  • Miniature: A more creative and slimmer version of its rectangular counterpart! Miniature cards can give even a classic look a bit of playful twist to keep things exciting.

2. Paper Type & Material

It’s obvious that a business card is a tangible product that recipients wouldn’t just skim through like a usual website page. Holding the card and experiencing its touch, feel and looks can easily communicate everything so you need to hold true to the promise of keeping up with the “luxury” factor. Use premium quality of paper with professional typesetting and fonts. Just in-case you’re unable to decide, you can always ask digital printing professionals or a business card printing companies in Dubai for a perfect job.

Other than paper type which must be of the highest standard, every single detail on the card is important to decide its category. A luxury card has to be weightier than others which eventually depends on paper measurement that must be between 350GSM and 400GSM to truly define luxury. In addition to the paper quality, other elements that can further create an elegant luxury card are gold or silver foil to its design which gives the card a unique, glossy appearance.

3. Corners & Coating

Luxury business cards offer design and style freedom as per your unique business offering. Whether it be a single or double-sided card, you can have what you like and include whatever you wish to in terms of textual details or creative designing and so on. In-case you wish for a cleaner, simpler card with all the basic information, a single-sided luxury business card is preferred.

Business card designs come with various finishes and coating including lamination that’s absolutely a must-have to truly achieve the element of luxury. Lamination is available in three different options like gloss, matte and velvet. For an unmistakable luxury feel, opt for gloss or velvet that’ll give your business card a smooth, silky feel.

All that said, luxury business cards come with either round or square corners; both giving the card a top-notch classic feel so you can go with any one of your preferences. Of the two, round edged business cards are however rare so that can be an option to stand out.

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Adding to the details shared above, expert business card designers also prefer utilising a cool template on which you only have to add details and have the card printed via digital means. Keep the text to a bare minimum, carefully incorporate branding guidelines and make it up with a cleaner, complete and a balanced finish.

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