Can PCOS women get pregnant naturally?

It’s possible to get pregnant naturally with PCOS, but you have to do some struggle to accomplish this desire. Women with PCOS can become pregnant if they practice some natural therapies to reduce PCOS symptoms.

What is PCOS?

PCOS is a polycystic ovary syndrome that develops in females, directly impacts female fertility, and alters the frequency of female hormones, consequently reducing the chances of getting pregnant. Many follicles or sacs start to grow on one or both ovaries in this condition. These follicles contain eggs, but the ovulation process does not occur regularly, resulting in the fertilization process not being accomplished until the egg ovulates. Therefore, it’s harder to get pregnant with PCOS. Women with PCOS experience irregular periods or have no periods. They have 8 or lower periods in a year.

Additionally, ovaries produce an excess amount of male hormones called androgens. This hormone prompts hair growth on the body like the face, chest, arms, legs, and acne skin.

Women can get PCOS at any age after puberty. However, the signs of PCOS vary from woman to woman. Another great resource we can recommend would be an article published on Methyl-Life® titled “What supplements to take when pregnant with MTHFR?

Can PCOS women get pregnant naturally?

It does not mean that you cannot conceive or carry a pregnancy with PCOS. It’s also true PCOS impairs the ovulation process —releases of the egg. You know pregnancy cannot happen without ovulation. PCOS symptoms and their severity vary, and it’s difficult to predict how much chance you have to get pregnant.

Don’t worry; you can conceive, although you have fewer chances of getting pregnant with PCOS. According to one study, researchers showed that 72% of women with PCOS had infertility, and the remaining 16% of women without PCOS had infertility. This indicates that women with PCOS have a high infertility rate.

If you want to become a mother, you have to change your lifestyle, eat food that contains fertility-support nutrients, and shed your pounds. Obesity is the main hurdle to getting pregnant naturally.

How to improve the chances of getting pregnant naturally with PCOS?

Women with PCOS have practiced some strategies to get pregnant and maintain pregnancy. The following are the simple step to conceive.

Balanced your weight

Obesity or overweight is the main obstacle to conceive in women with or without PCOS. Obesity and PCOS disorders are associated with each other to some extent, but all PCOS women are not obsessed. If you’re overweight, please make every possible effort to shed your extra pounds and maintain the best body mass index (BMI) for carrying the baby.

Eat healthy diet

Without nutrients, your body can not drive little functions; they play a significant role in driving your body smoothly. Likewise, nutrients are vital for the reproductive system. You should eat a low carbohydrate diet and eat antioxidant-rich foods that help you reduce PCOS signs.


Exercise should be a mandatory part of our lives whether we’re healthy or victims of the disease. Likewise, exercise improves blood circulation, which positively impacts reproductive organs. Researchers claim that exercise-induced regularity in the menstruation cycle, ovulation, and melt extra pounds in 50% of women with PCOS.

Optimize blood sugar levels

Women with PCOS also experience insulin resistance issues; their cells cannot respond to glucose which causes excessive secretion of insulin. High levels of insulin leave a negative impact on reproductive organs. Therefore, you should eat food without carbs and sugars. Doctors also prescribe certain medications to balance sugar levels in the blood.

Fertility supplements

Fertility supplements are the best option to increase the chances of getting pregnant. You should use the following supplements such as;

  • Folic acid
  • B-complex vitamins
  • Vitamin C, D & E
  • Co-enzyme Q10
  • Selenium
  • Iron
  • Zinc

Therefore, health should be the priority; slight negligence causes many problems and may deprive you of happiness.


PCOS is a common, serious disorder but can be treated to some extent. It directly influences female reproductive organs and alters the hormonal frequency, and lowers the chances of getting pregnant. Most women may conceive with PCOS naturally. Women can conceive naturally if they succeed in overcoming or reducing the severity of PCOS symptoms.


Getting Pregnant With PCOS

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