Can You Drink Coffee After Lasik?

Lasik is an eye surgery that takes place with the help of lasers. It is also known as laser refractive surgery. During the surgery, doctors use lasers on the affected area of the cornea. After hearing the word cornea, you must get a question in mind: what is the cornea? The cornea is the outermost layer of the eye. It is a transparent layer of your eye that protects the iris and pupil and allows light to enter inside your eye. It also helps your eye focus on the morning through which you can see objects.

 It is a surgery that helps in correcting vision problems. When we talk about Lasik, many questions arise about whether it can be done on blind people? Or, for those who are blind, is it possible for them to see everything? Else is it possible that it corrects the vision problems of blind people? The answer to this is not so good hearing, but Lasik cannot fix the vision problems of blind people. To some extent, or we say in some eyesight issues, Lasik works; otherwise, any major issue or blindness, these are something on which Lasik surgery is not a solution. Some of the problems which Lasik can resolve are below.

  1. Myopia or nearsightedness is one of those vision problems which can be corrected with Lasik surgery. In this vision disorder, a person can see nearby objects but cannot see things that are far away.
  1. Hyperopia or farsightedness is the vision problem where a person can see far objects clearly but is not able to see the nearby things. This vision disorder can be corrected by Lasik surgery.
  1. Astigmatism is a problem in which a person cannot see a clear vision. It causes blurred vision. It is the most common vision problem which can be corrected with Lasik treatment (check more:

 Vision disorders can be corrected by glasses or contact lenses and Lasik treatment. Glasses and contacts are both economical options to correct these vision disorders. But if you don’t like to wear glasses or contacts or are tired of wearing glasses and contacts, then Lasik treatment is the one thing you should go for. However, it is a bit expensive, but you don’t need to use spectacles or lenses after the treatment. There are many eye specialists you can reach out to for a consultation. Because for this surgery, you need to ask a doctor to know whether it is suitable for your condition or not.

This surgery would take, on average, about 85 thousand to one lakh for two eyes. So, consulting a doctor is a must before you invest the amount. You should know about the condition of your eyes and what vision problems they have. Whether it can be treated or not? Lasik eye surgery is not the only thing that you have to do. You have to take many post-surgery precautions for your eyes if you want a positive change in your eyesight condition.

The basic one is don’t touch your eyes after the surgery. Do take a sound sleep of four to five hours after the rest. It will help your eyes to relax just after surgery. Don’t wash your hair and face for a day after surgery to avoid chemicals. Wear a protective shield for a month or so to protect your eyes with direct lights. Don’t go under sunlight for a minimum of two weeks. Avoid using a laptop, phone, or tv so that your eyes will get proper rest. Use eye drops which your doctor will give. Try to maintain hydration in your eyes. Dry eyes may cause itching and then will take time to heal.

Avoid driving after Lasik surgery as you might sometimes feel blurry vision after treatment which can be risky. Take all the medications and precautions given by the doctor. As we take precautions, many people ask can we drink coffee after Lasik surgery? The question has been asked a lot of times by a lot of people. If the answer to this question is no, we can’t have coffee after surgery, then what is why we cannot have coffee? How is it harmful to the eyes? You will get all the answers to the questions; you need to stay connected with the article.

Coffee contains caffeine which is not suitable for your eyes. So, you cannot drink coffee after surgery. You cannot have it before surgery even. During the time of surgery, your eyes have to be hydrated. Coffee tends to decrease the hydration of the eyes. Not only coffee, any product which is caffeinated you should avoid. Caffeine suddenly increases blood sugar levels in the body, which sometimes leads to blurred vision. Please avoid coffee before and after the surgery to get better treatment results.

Treatment alone won’t work for your eyes. You have to follow the precautions to get better results. Healing after surgery takes time. But it depends on the patient’s condition and how they are following precautions. Recovery can take from one to two months to four to six months. It varies. Some people heal very soon. Some take time. How surgery will be for you also depends on the doctor you choose for the treatment. Choose an eye specialist who is experienced in Lasik surgery. They will guide you better according to your eye condition.

The eyes are a vital part of the human body. Never make decisions in a hurry that you regret later. Though surgery is a safe option, there is a rare case in which surgery is not successful, but still, it won’t harm your eyes; it’s just that it will not correct your vision problem. So, choose a good and experienced doctor and take before and after precautions, which say no intake on caffeinated products.

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