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Chinabased is a site that lets you download movies for free. You can select from a variety of sites including movies, YesMovies, XUMO, DivxCrawler, and WorldFree4U. All of these services allow you to watch your favorite movies on your computer. This can be especially helpful if you are not able to purchase them from a store.


Dopebox DivxCrawler is a name to be congratulated. It’s a well-rounded platform that combines the best of the web and app based video streaming. Whether you want to binge watch a movie or watch a sports game, DivxCrawler has you covered. The best part is that it doesn’t cost a dime! DivxCrawler’s free version even lets you download free music clips!

Using the DivxCrawler to watch, download, and share video content is a cinch. You can even watch movies and TV shows on your computer. There’s a reason why it is a popular choice amongst movie buffs. With a library of over 20,000 titles, you can watch a wide variety of films.


YesMovies is a popular movie streaming website. It provides an enormous library of movies in different genres. The site is easy to navigate and offers a search bar that allows you to quickly find what you are looking for. There is also a specialized search bar for popular television shows and movies.

Another good thing about the site is that you don’t need to sign up to use it. You can watch and download the latest shows and movies in high definition. Some of the movies are free, while some have to be paid.

If you are unable to access the site, you can use the proxy to unblock TV in your country. However, this will affect your download speeds.

Los Movies

LosMovies Dopebox is a website that allows users to watch newly released movies online. Its features include movie recommendations and a large selection of movies. You can choose from a wide array of popular films and TV series.

Aside from watching movies, you can also download movies. But before you do, make sure to avoid downloading pirated content. That can land you in trouble with the authorities. Instead, you can use a reliable VPN to change your IP address.

In addition to the movies you can watch, you can also browse the latest TV shows. The interface is very easy to navigate. There are tabs for the most watched, the best rated, and new releases.


Dopebox Movies is one of the best entertainment apps out there. The app provides an array of features for both Android and iOS users. It is completely free to use and has an impressive variety of genres to choose from.

This app provides a large number of movies and TV shows, with a huge database. It is updated daily and boasts an HD quality video.

One of the reasons why this app is so great is that it does not require a lot of registration or personal information. It is very safe and secure to use. Plus, the app is constantly updated with new movies and shows.


One of the better free movie sites is WorldFree4U, a website that combines the best of both worlds – a swell collection of Bollywood and Hollywood movies complemented by an impressive set of free downloads. You can browse for the latest flicks on the go using their dedicated mobile apps and even catch up on your favorite shows with their live TV channels. The site also makes it easy to access the hordes of Bollywood and Hollywood movies by using its extensive library of subtitles. As for the movies themselves, if you’re looking for a good time you can’t do much better than watching the latest releases on the world’s largest collection of DVDs and Blu-rays.


Dopebox is a platform for streaming online movies. It offers the latest releases, interesting videos, and a friendly user interface. But if you don’t like it, there are other alternatives.

One of the best Dopebox alternative is XUMO. This platform offers hundreds of channels to watch and download free movies. The service also has a huge library with thousands of VOD titles. Plus, XUMO is ad-supported. You can stream high-quality movies to relax your mind without spending money.

Another excellent alternative is LosMovies. If you have an Android device, you can install this app and watch movies online. Its massive library consists of 250,000 films. Furthermore, it has English and Spanish subtitles.


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