Classifications of the Diesel Water Pumps Available in Kenya

In Kenya, the pricing of elevated diesel water pumps ranges from small handheld units to massive weighty permanent versions. The wide propellers on such gasoline hydraulic pump models are ideal for pushing mildly dredged water to gloppy water, and that is typical with most fields. The air-cooled diesel high-pressure water turbines in Kenya are ideal for conveying agricultural water.

1. Water Turbines with Elevated Pressure

Such pumps do have a lift/head of more than 50 meters. The head of a pump refers to how far it can propel water straight at a 90-degree angle. The more the forces applied by the water pump, the higher it is. They transport irrigation water up a steep incline or height. There are two sorts of categories: high volume and low volume. High-capacity water pumps can supply

2. Water turbines with reduced pressure

These irrigate slopes or level landscapes and also have a submersible value. There are both modest and high-volume water pumps available. only one propeller is used in low-pressure water pumps. Up to 48 cubic liters per hour. A twin impeller is used in high-pressure water pumps. The following is an image of a diesel water pump. 

They have enormous sprays, water pipe irrigation equipment, and the ability to pump water up steep grades of up to 50 meters will be powered by them. All of them have a 3″ output. 1. High-pressure gasoline hydraulic with a ten-horsepower motor

Head, flow rate, and horsepower are among the model’s specifications.

AICO 60M, 40 cubic meters per hour, and 10 horsepower.

3. High-pressure Diesel Water Pumps with 14 Horsepower

Head, fluid velocity, and horsepower are among the model’s specifications.

Carlton’s UK 85M, 45 cubic per hour, and 14Hp Stallion 75M, 39 cubic per hour, and 14Hp

Power Italia 95M, 39 cubic feet per minute and 14 horsepower

4. Increased Gasoline Water Turbines with a 16-HorsePower Motor

Head, flow rate, and horsepower are among the model’s specifications.

Lifan 84M, 41 cubic feet per hour, and 16 horsepower are priced in

Power Italia* 55M, 120 cubic feet per minute, and 16 horsepower

  • This features a 4′′ input and exit pipe.

The diesel water pump prices in Kenya largely depend on the horse power of the pump. The more power the pump is the more expensive it is.

5. Hydraulic with an Atmospheric Concentration.

Specifications include a 28-meter head, a 30-cubic-liter-per-hour flow rate, a 3-inch inlet/outlet pipe, and a 5.2-horsepower motor. Pumping straight to a storage tank, tank, or low-pressure irrigation system is possible. Small impact sprinklers, butterfly sprinklers, or a drip irrigation system are examples of these.

These identity diesel water motors are suitable for medium- to large-scale acreage irrigation, depending on the model. They consume low to high amounts of fuel, depending on the generator size, and have a suction lift of 6 to 7.5 meters. They need to be serviced regularly to stay in good operating order.

Depending on landholdings, agricultural water needs, elevation, and the company’s finances.


High-pressure diesel water pumps are used to pump water from shallow waters to gloppy water. The wide propellers on such gasoline hydraulic pump models are ideal for pushing mildly dredged water. Air-cooled diesel high-pressure water turbines have been used in Kenya for conveying agricultural water.

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