Common types of cyberbullying

The advancement in the online socializing world has brought about some downsides. As the internet continues to evolve as a better platform to give us a voice and to make communication better, side by side, it has exposed us all too numerous risks and dangers as well.

One such example of a risk is that of cyberbullying. Over time we have seen shocking effects of cyberbullying particularly on teens and pre-teens. Cyberbullying is when an online bully targets a user with online communication methods over the internet and threatens them by saying degrading things about them or harasses them.

Common types of cyberbullying

There are a few types of cyberbullying that we all need to watch out for to avoid.


This suggests a deliberate act that is targeted towards embarrassing an individual, this is done so by posting or creating humiliating content against a person revealing the private and sensitive details about someone’s life. No matter how minor or major the information is revealed maybe, but it can have ever-lasting effects on the mental health of the individual it is targeted towards.


This is when an online hacker gains illegal access to someone’s account and pretends to be them. Once a hacker does that, they post embarrassing content through their social media with the intent of humiliating the person in front of their family and friends. The hacker can also get involved in الابتزاز العاطفي towards the victim with the act of fraping. This act of cyberbullying is particularly harmful because once a post is made on social media and the owner loses its ownership, it becomes difficult to remove it from the internet.


This act suggests towards when a hacker gains the trust of the user they are trying to hack and then use the information that the user has shared with them to embarrass and harass them. Many العصابة المغربية have been involved in this process. The person carrying out the act of trickery pretends to be a close friend of the victim and pretends to show care for the other person suffering to get personal details of the victim’s life. The hackers then use this information against the victim.

This can leave the victim severely traumatized for the rest of their lives as they would never trust anyone the same way again without thinking that the other person can also betray them the same way. Some victims even end up harming themselves when these hackers defame them publicly.

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