Concrete Mixer Buying Guide

As the saying goes, “a penny is worth a pound of gold.” Price is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a concrete mixer, along with durability, efficiency, reliability, and capacity. The more expensive a concrete mixer is, the better its quality will be, so consumers don’t need to pay attention to low-priced mixers.

Concrete mixers (sometimes known as cement mixers) add water to cement, aggregates, and other ingredients to produce concrete. An ordinary concrete mixer mixes the materials using a revolving drum. Portable concrete mixers are used for smaller volumes of work, so the concrete can be mixed-up on the construction site, giving workers plenty of time to use it before it hardens.

In addition to using a machine, concrete can also be aggregated together by hand. Concrete mixing can also be mixed-up using a wheelbarrow; however, some companies are now selling modified tarps for this purpose.

Cost of the concrete mixer

Price is among the most important factors thatbuyers consider beforepurchasing a concrete mixer, but it is not the only factor. It is important to buy a concrete mixer that will give you the greatest value. Other factors areefficiency, reliability, durability and capacity. Having addressed all the factors, you will be able to decide whether that concrete mixer is valuefor money.

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The model of the mixer and capacity

Concrete mixers are ideal value for cash at their price in Kenya. Concrete mixersare available in diverse models conflicting in engine power and capacity. Portable concrete mixers can use gasoline engines, but most are powered effectively by electric motors that use standard main currents. It can also be capped at more power. For smaller models, the drum capacity is 400L, and the engine produces six horsepower instead of eight.

These engine volumeshavesufficient power needed in handling the load efficiently while consuming less fuel. The concrete mixer price in Kenya may vary from different sellers and retailers on the market. Also, most concrete mixers are reliable.

The on-site mounting or portability

Concrete mixing trucks and trailers come at a favourable million Kenya shillings for either the concrete mixer trailer or the complete functional mixer truck. The concrete batching plant and on-site portable concrete mixer come in a similar price range. Several manufacturers produce a variety of concrete mixers to meet customers’ requirements, including drum concrete mixers, diesel concrete mixers, and self-load concrete mixers for sale.

The warranty of purchase of the mixer

Concrete mixers are also within the budgets of many contractors large and small across the country. Choosing a concrete mixer that provides many years of service without maintenance problems is significant if you are in the market for one. In addition, the concrete mixer comes with an industry-leading warranty so you can be sure of the quality of the product you purchase.


There is a demand for concrete mixers in Kenya due to the rapid growth of the construction industry. Construction projects utilizing this technology include foundations, houses, low-rise buildings, bridges, and harbours. When it comes to construction work, reliability, and price, it’s best to choose the most dependable one.

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