Does CBD Oil Get You High? Is It Non-Psychoactive?

Cannabidiol is a type of component that is derived from the Sativa Plants or Hemp plants. It is also known as CBD. This is the one component from the 100s of components found from these plants. However, this and THC are the most common and effective forms of components. Apart from everything, these are considered highly beneficial among individuals and have become highly popular with the change in the federal laws regarding the Cannabidiol-infused product.

THC is also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, and this compound is very well known for its Psychoactive compounds that can make a person high. The stoned effect caused by the THC is also known as Euphoria, heightened sensory perception, or Pleasure.

Unlike THC, CBD does not create this kind of sense among individuals, which is why it is considered Non-Psychoactive.

What is the difference between CBD and THC?

To understand whether Green Roads CBD has psychoactive components, you first gave you to understand what CBD is and What THC is. After that, only you can understand the main difference between them.


You already know the definition of CBD; it is a major component with huge varieties of benefits and is extracted from the Hemp plants to provide relief from stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and many more. According to a study, it is also found that a hemp plant contains 18% of CBD in it along with other 500+ components. Furthermore, the Composition of these plants remains the same no matter from where you are extracting them.


However, THC is a different kind of component and is also extracted from the marijuana plant. These plant extracts contain psychoactive compounds. These extracts bind with the CB1 receptors present in the human body and are commonly found in the brain region. The CB1 receptors look after learning, memory, movement, Inflammation, and Pain Sensation.

However, it sometimes gets attached to the CB2 receptors found in the hippocampus and brainstorm area. This further looks after the bone cells, spleen, liver cells, and Immune cells.

Is CBD Legal?

The US Federal Law describes the use of CBD as a controlled consumption of CBD. However, in the year 2018 December, several members removed the prohibition on the consumption of Cannabidiol. This also means that the Cannabidiol extracted from the help Plants are legal in the United States. These further also become legal in other parts of the world due to their high amount of benefits.

According to the law, a CBD product contains less than 0.3% THC, which is also equivalent to 0. However, the consumption of THC is not legal in most countries, but where marijuana is legalized, that state can witness legality in both CBD and THC. However, the amount of availability varies by product.

Why do some people think it can get you high?

People usually make this mistake regarding the presence of the psychoactive component of CBD. This is because of the fact that both the plant extracts are coming from the same Hemp plant. They are not known to the facts alone; both these compounds have different characteristics. Where one is psychoactive, and the other one is not.

However, due to these facts, several states have only legalized CBD consumption and have banned THC products. The THC can make the individuals high.

What are the Health uses of CBD?

Cannabidiol has several benefits and positive sides. For example, some studies say that the use of Cannabidiol has provided great relief from pain and has also relieved the presence of relaxation among individuals.

Several types of research also suggested that it helps to get relief from anxiety and depression, including treating the pain and chronic inflammation.

Another great benefit a person can achieve from these is the relief from epilepsy, including seizures. The FDA, however, approved the first CBD-based Drug called the Epidiolex. It also has saved people from the side effects of antipsychotic medication.


Therefore, with the above information, you already know that they are not non-intoxicating in nature, no matter from where it is extracted. However, before you start the consumption of Cannabidiol, you should consult with the doctors and understand the dosage of this as well.

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