Essential tools you need to run a restaurant

Technology has taken precedence in managing restaurants and customers vouch for this fact. As per the report by QRS magazine, 79% of the customers agree that technology improves their restaurant experience. For streamlining the operations of your restaurant, there are various software tools available in the market. Here we mainly discuss the two most popularly used operating systems – Point of Sale (POS) and Reservation Management.

Point of Sale (POS) 

A POS system acts as an important link between your customers, waiters, chefs, and accountants. Before investing in a restaurant POS software, you need to first take into consideration your needs and expectations from the system. There are mainly two types of POS softwares available in the market. The first one is local server systems, and the other is cloud-based wireless systems. Based on the size of your restaurant and operational requirements, you can decide on the type of POS.

If you are planning to set up a big restaurant with multiple dining areas, bar and large number of employees, then it’s mandatory to have a server system. They are expensive, more durable and offers a high quality of support. If you are setting up a small restaurant with fewer employees, a cloud based POS system best suits your requirement. It is affordable, easier to use and takes less space.

In today’s fast-paced restaurant industry, having the right tools at your disposal is crucial for success. One such indispensable tool is a reliable restaurant pos software, which can help you manage orders, track inventory, and generate sales reports with ease. By investing in a high-quality POS system, you can streamline your operations and focus on providing exceptional dining experiences for your customers.

Reservation Management  

A basic reservation system is not enough to meet the increasing needs of today’s customers. With platforms such as inresto Guest and Reserve, it serves multiple functions such as reservations from multiple sources, queue management, table management and customer management. The beauty of the platform is that it makes maximum use of data to provide valuable insights into customer preferences. It helps you offer an excellent hospitality experience that leads to customer delight. 

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In addition to the above two areas, the software tools come handy for the below functions.

Shift-to-shift communication – For informing all the employees working in various shifts, it needs to be communicated about employee issues, guest complaints, facility maintenance needs and flow of service and sales. With the help of restaurant management software, you can keep all the employees in loop.

Scheduling – Gone are those days when the function of scheduling used to be recorded in Excel sheets. Softwares makes the scheduling task pretty easy and thus eliminates the manual work,

Sales Management – Software platforms such as inresto provides valuable insights on sales figures, items in the menu that are fast moving and those that are not. Based on this information, you can alter your sales strategy.

Parting Words

In an era where restaurant customers are more demanding, technology comes to your aid in decision making. To stand out from the rest of the competitors, it’s high time to invest in restaurant management softwares.

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