Everything You Need To Know About Safety Shoes

From the times of sagebrush bark sandals, the first shoe ever invented, to our time where there is a shoe for every different activity or occasion, shoes have been an essential commodity in our lives. In this article, I will be discussing what safety shoes are, their importance, and what factors to consider before buying a pair.

Safety shoes, are also called safety boots. They are used at different workplaces as a form of protective equipment. They are essential to prevent foot injury due to hazards such as electricity, harzadous materials or chemicals, splinters, bad weather and punctures.They also guard against the impact of heavy objects that could fall on your feet.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right safety shoe. These include:

Work environment and associated hazards:

It is good to be aware of potential hazards around your workplace to get a shoe with the correct specifications. These specifications include puncture and cut resistance, impermeability to chemical spills, and electrical resistance.


Most foot problems begin with the type of shoe we wear. Ensure that your shoe is comfortable, and you can wiggle your toes without feeling pressure. Ensure it has a strong heel counter to provide proper stability in the ankle, and it should be a snug fit. Comfortable safety shoes in Kenya are available from online shops or from companies that manufacture personal protective equipment.

It should cover your entire foot with puncture-resistant material.

High-top laced boots are preferable because they allow you to fasten the shoe even above your ankle, securing your foot firmly within the shoe.


Ensure that you get a shoe with a wide base and a flat sole. It provides more stability, especially when working on uneven surfaces, to make your work experience even smoother.


Your safety shoes should be long lasting, rugged and of good quality. This is because they will be exposed to harsh conditions they should be able to withstand such as chemical spills, electricity and compression.


Different parts of the shoe have different materials.

The upper, which covers the top, the sides of the foot, and the back of the heel, is leather. It can come with laces, depending on the design of the shoe. It can also be one piece or several pieces stitched together. There is a safety toe cap made of steel or composite material at the tip of the shoe that protects the foot from falling objects or compression.

A supportive structure known as a shank found between the insole and the outsole provides rigidity and stability. It is either steel fiberglass or Kevlar.The midsole provides shock absorption and support and is polyurethane or composite material.

The outsole is in contact with the ground and provides stability. It is either leather, rubber, or polyurethane material.


Industrial safety boots are a requirement by the occupational safety and health administration. They are crucial for protection in the workplace, and you should invest in getting a quality pair for the safety of your feet.

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