Everything You Need To Know About The Four Best Solar Batteries Popular In Kenya

A solar battery is an essential device in the line of a solar power system that facilitates the storage of excess energy produced by the solar panels. During electric power shortages, the solar battery is an alternative to generating power applicable to in-home devices.

The article below focuses on the various types of solar batteries prevailing in the Kenyan market.

Industrialization and innovation have led to the growth of modern ways to curb power shortages in the world. Solar energy is a powerful source because it’s renewable and friendly to the environment. However, solar batteries used to store energy exist in different types depending on the material, modification, and designation. The article clarifies the different kinds of solar storms and their underlying features.

Lead-acid batteries

Lead-acid batteries have been in existence since the year 1800 and are craved for their high reliability of power storage. Flooded lead-acid batteries and sealed lead-acid batteries are the two kinds of lead-acid batteries available. However, they are the cheapest in the energy storage options hence cost-effective; the flooded lead-acid battery, in particular, tends to leak. Failure for regular maintenance and the required ventilation are contributing factors to the leakages.

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Lithium-Ion batteries

The lithium-ion battery was first realized following the emergence of electric vehicles when car manufacturers figured out their potential. Since then, the device has gained popularity due to its higher battery energy density which enables more energy storage in a smaller space and is one of the best solar batteries in Kenya. In addition, the device has a longer life span because of the fitted higher depth of discharge. On the contrary, the battery is the most expensive in the battery energy storage solutions, and again if not properly installed, it can catch fire.

Nickel Cadmium batteries

The device is commonly used in the aviation industry, in particular, aircraft though not as popular as lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. The good thing is that they are manageable under extreme temperatures, and the management systems are not that complex; thus, low maintenance and high durability result. However, Cadmium is a highly toxic chemical that is sometimes subject to memory effects resulting in low charge holding. You may share your article on forexinghub and thehomeinfo. So that, your website rank on Google as well and get more information from worldtravelplace and worldupdate

Flow Batteries

The flow battery is a device that has a water-based electrolyte liquid that flows between two chambers. Chemical reactions happen during charging that promotes energy depository. The benefit of this kind of device is that it has a discharge of a hundred percent, translating to the usage of the total energy stored without causing any damage to the solar battery. On the other hand, they have a low storage capacity which means for them to hold a substantial amount of energy, it should be large enough.


The best battery to use depends on the desired application for the battery, whether commercial or residential. For instance, flow batteries are most suitable for large-scale installation because of their system performance and nickel-cadmium for durability. Additionally, lithium-ion batteries are preferably for residential purposes due to their capacity to hold more energy within a minimal space. Lead acid batteries serve best as emergency power backup systems because of their reliability.

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