Everything you need to know before you buy Submersible Solar Water Pumps

When it comes to water and piping solutions, everyone wants a machine that is powerful enough to satisfy ones pumping needs while using as little energy as possible to do so. A machine that is friendly to Mother Nature; one that hums quieter than an Audi A8 engine (for the car lovers, of course). The machine described above can be none other than the Submersible Solar Water Pump. This article will tell you everything you need to know about these magnificent pumps.

A lot of people may wonder just what exactly a submersible water pump is and how does it work.

A submersible water pump is a centrifugal water pump that is attached to a motor and operates underwater. This was made possible by some cutting-edge technology, that has seen the traditional water pump, the one that operates on the surface be replaced by this revolutionary product.

How does it work?

As aforementioned, the water pump is attached to a motor, which is what generates power needed for pumping water. This motor, however, does not run on diesel or electricity: it is fueled by the sun’s radiation. This pump is packaged with solar panels whose work is harvesting enough solar energy needed to run the motors.

As pump is submersible, it is especially built to be submerged, making it suitable for drawing water from underground as it collects water and pushes it up using rotary energy from the motor. This contrary to how its traditional fellow works, which is by creating a suction force and pulling water.

The solar-powered motors are much quieter than the diesel-fuelled ones, a feature that has greatly reduced noise pollution.

How available is the product in the market?

The product is readily available in both physical and online stores. It is available worldwide in a variety of colors and designs to the clients’ delight.

How cost-friendly is this pump?

The answer; It is very cost-friendly.

Currently, the submersible solar water pump price in Kenya is a lot less than it was a few years ago. Back then, sellers would tag the price of the solar panels that come with pump onto the overall cost, making the initial purchase cost consequently high. However, the price has been dropping over the years due to an edge in the technological industry that has seen solar panels flood the market.

When comparing them to their diesel-oriented, these solar panels are more cost-effective because of the obvious reason that the energy used to run the motors is absolutely.


Now that we have outlined the positives, let us now consider the cons.

One of the disadvantages has already been mentioned, that the initial purchase price may be ridiculously high compared to other pumps. These pumps are also heavily dependent on sunshine, and so slightly disadvantageous weather, such as rain changes may lower productivity.


The submersible solar water pump is a revolutionary product that should make its way into the hands of anyone with pumping difficulties. It has many features that have overshadowed the diesel-fuelled motors making it ideal for anyone who wants to break free from the energy demands of the latter-mentioned pumps.

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