Factors to consider before purchasing a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner is a cleaning device used to suck dirt from surfaces, and the floor. It consists of a dust bag that collects the dirt to be disposed of later after the cleaning operation. The device can be used in industries as well as homes. They come in different models which perform the same task, of sucking dirt.

  • Ease of use and handling

Before choosing a vacuum cleaner to use in your home, you should make sure that it is easy to use. The device must be easier to operate on different surfaces. The dirt bin should handle large amounts of dirt before emptying.

  • The suction powers

The vacuum cleaner should be perfect for cleaning. Therefore, the suction power should be variable. The best cleaner should contain 250 air watts of a motor and above for efficient cleaning. That amount of power should clean the thick surfaces.

  • Dustbin capacity

A cleaner with a huge capacity dust bag will allow a smooth cleaning avoiding frequent emptying. On the other hand, a small dust bag will force you to empty because the dirt collected fills faster hence slowing your cleaning process. And this will waste a lot of time cleaning.

  • Weight

A light vacuum cleaner will be easy to move from different points of cleaning compared to a heavy one. This will prevent you from straining because you do not need to apply a lot of energy pushing it. If you are using the cleaner in your home its portability will enable reach different corners of your surfaces ensuring an efficient cleaning.

  • Price

The planned budget for your purchase should match the prices of vacuum cleaners available in the store. To save some cash it is good to go for an affordable price. Vacuum cleaner Kenya has different models which consist of several models with different prices. Depending on which model to use in your cleaning operation the prices also vary.

  • Filtration

A good air filtration system will filter all the particles preventing some health issues for people with allergies. The true HEPA filters have the highest efficiency with the lowest dust penetration.

  • Warranty

Always consider a vacuum cleaner with a warranty of 1 or 2 years long. It works like insurance, so incase your cleaner breaks down you will get compensated with another one.

  • Cleaning accessories

There are more additional accessories attached to vacuum cleaners that make cleaning efficiently. They help in cleaning surfaces above the floor as the ceiling. You can also purchase the tools separately if your cleaner lacks them. Some of them include the dusting brush, crevice, upholstery, and motorized pet tools.

Different types of vacuum cleaners

  1. Upright vacuum: – used to clean large carpeted and hard surfaces.
  2. Canister vacuum: – used to clean small carpeted areas.
  3. Handheld vacuum: – it is portable and efficient for cleaning.
  4. Robotic vacuum: – it has a developed sensor where you set it up and allow it to perform the cleaning.
  5. Stick vacuum: – used to clean the quick areas like kitchen floors
  6. Pet vacuum: – used to clean the hairs of a pet in your home.
  7. Carpet cleaner: – this removes spots from carpets.

In conclusion, vacuum cleaners are the most essential tools required for efficient home cleaning. The top factor to be considered before purchasing the device is a personal requirement of your home.Vacuum cleaners play a part in keeping your environmental health.

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