Factors to consider when buying an extension ladder

It is almost impossible to carry out farming and gardening activities without a ladder. Pruning, maintenance of buildings, and gaining access to stored tools and equipment. This article elaborates on factors to consider when buying an extendable ladder which include material, height, capacity use, and portability. They are made up of many types categorized based on different factors.


An extendable ladder is a ladder that is not self-supporting, portable, and with an adjustable length. The most common ladders are aluminum ladders and are found in different types. They include step ladders, multipurpose ladders, extension ladders, platform ladders, telescoping ladders, and folding ladders.


1. Material

The primary material types used to build ladders are aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. Every one of them has its benefits and shortcomings. Aluminum ladders are robust, durable, and flexible. It is also light to carry around, but it can conduct electricity. Wood ladders are good in strength and do not conduct electricity. They are, however, heavy to carry compared to other materials.

2. Height

It is advisable to consider the length at which a ladder can be extended. Those used to access high grounds should be tall enough to avoid straining and lack comfort during work. The high of ladders is two feet to 22 feet. It is of good essence to purchase a ladder with the maximum extensibility to improve the level of practicality.

3. Capacity

This is the most crucial factor. A person with intentions to work on construction sites ought to have a more robust ladder than a person working on painting sites. The ladder capacity ranges from 70 kgs to 150 kgs with the person’s weight and accessories. The more the capacity, the higher the price of the extension ladder.

4. Use

People purchase ladders for different purposes, with some being used frequently compared to others. People using them for home use should not put into consideration the factor of durability as they will be used less frequently compared to those on construction sites. It is also important to note that hiring services are also available for short-term uses.

5. Portability

It is essential to have a ladder that can be collapsed during transportation. They occupy less space and are often lighter and easy to handle. A ladder that can be collapsed, however, is usually limited to a certain length and cannot be used to handle a heavy load. They are also less durable compared to heavily built ladders.

6. Warranty and cost

Despite the required type, a person always buys a ladder based on the price. Socioeconomic classes of people vary greatly. It is also essential to purchase a ladder with an extended warranty period to facilitate replacement in case of early breakage. The provider company should have a good reputation for honoring warrant agreements.


A potential buyer should know various considerations to buying an excellent extendable ladder. Some are more specially designed with features including a work shelf to place your tools, notches, and holes for dropping bound tools and accessories. Some come with a fixed lining system to help achieve balance on irregular surfaces.

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