Factors To Look At Before Buying A Jigsaw

Jigsaws are power tools used for various mechanical works, most of which involve cutting. They are essential to use for woodworkers and carpenters. Reciprocating blades are used in a jigsaw to cut through wood and some types of metal. Because the edge is so tiny and positioned vertically, you may use it to cut a wide variety of forms and patterns into wood. Is it possible to cut a circular hole in a tabletop without damaging the rest of it? A jigsaw will do the job. People may encounter terms and features they don’t understand when looking for a jigsaw. However, with this article, one can know a few things to consider when purchasing the jigsaw.

Since jigsaws come in varying forms and sizes, buying a suitable one can be challenging and confusing. In the current market, a first-time buyer is expected to have some knowledge of the item to buy a jigsaw that suits all their preferences ideally. Below are some of those critical features one can look for to be able to come up with a suitable choice;


Jigsaw price in Kenya varies greatly depending on the quality, features, and brand a person is going for; therefore, it is advisable that a person goes through the features and desired brand to ascertain whether they can purchase it.

The Stroke Rate.

An adjustable jigsaw puzzle stroke rate is necessary. Don’t buy it if it doesn’t have this feature. Today’s jigsaws are proficient in producing 3500 cuts per minute. During operation, the blades can be protected by a protective cover. Listed here are some general stroke rate recommendations:

  • Cutting wood necessitates a high saw blade rate.
  • There is no difference in stroke rate between aluminum and plastic.
  • When working with steel, a slow stroke rate is necessary.
  • When working with ceramics, go slowly and deliberately.

Before you buy a jigsaw, make sure it includes this feature.

Depth of Cut

For most jigsaws, they would cut up to a depth of 2 inches in woodworking applications, and on metal, they would cut approximately 1/2 inch. Some jigsaws may feature a somewhat deeper cut, but this isn’t necessarily advisable, considering the deeper the action, the more the chances of the blade bending and breaking.

Since jigsaw blades are weak and tend to bend, particularly on denser stock, a deep cutting depth is more likely to create an undesirable angled cut.

Speed of Blade

Also, a jigsaw’s speed setting is vital and needs to be checked before the purchase. The speed of the blade very much impacts the power of the blade. When the wood is thick, it would require more speed. The slower the pace is used to cut metals and plastic.


To conclude this article, as per the few highlighted features, it is advisable that one looks upon the various factors they need to consider and gain broad knowledge on the tool before going out to buy it. For more, check bosch jigsaw price in Kenya.

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