Famous Sweet Dishes of Kolkata you Must Try

A small section from the sweetest part of the country Kolkata, it is known for its rich culture and heritage. The monuments and the celebrated history are the most superior front line faces of attraction for everyone, but there are deeper traits that this place cherishes and feels pride for. Behind the vast history that we witness there exists a league of food that is to die for. It isn’t new but a known fact that Kolkata is known for its rich food culture so today we bring to you a list of explicit dishes the people of Kolkata love, and more importantly, the tourists drool over. 

  • Rashogulla

Starting at number one, the most popular and in-demand dish of Kolkata is rashogolla. It is sweet in nature, an absolute delight to the taste buds of whoever eats it. The first thing you want to do once you reach this place is to have a rashogolla before, after and with all your meals. Dip it in sugar syrup before you have it and eat one whole piece, not in bits. And don’t recall it as rasgulla, immersing yourself in the culture of Kolkata you have to call it rashogolla. 

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  • Sondesh

You mouth waters just as you read about it. It is the ultimate identity of Kolkata and the weakness of its people. You can find many shops selling it in abundance as it is the most opted for a dish of this place. Some people do like to add colours to it that make it look more festive and exciting. Also, you can find varieties with Kesar, and other nuts garnished on top. They are just the right amount of sweet you want to have in life, and the soft and crumbly texture is fascinating. 

  • Cake

Don’t shy away from trying everything in Kolkata be it the old-time sweet dishes or the newly emerged crazy tastes. And at times when you need a break from these sweets, you can always go for a cake delivery in Kolkata that brings to your life a load of other flavours too. Chocolate butterscotch, strawberry, red velvet, coffee, pineapple are just a few names. You can get these in exciting designs and creative styles too. If sweets are dessert, cakes certainly are the party starters.  

  • Mishti Doi

This is the dish you can have while you are walking to your house or to your office, while you are coming back from the park or watching a Netflix series. Mishti Doi is flavoured curd and available in almost all flavours you think, but the most popular one happens to be mango and strawberry. It is light in sugar and high on protein; it has the nutritional value of curd intact in its original form. You can think of it as a great twist to your usual curd that requires no meal to have along. 

  • Chom Chom

Chom chom is pronounced just as you are reading it and is a popular choice of sweet and dessert near the festive season. Made with cream, sugar, flour and having hints of lemon and coconut flakes too, it makes up a remarkable combination to be had. There’s no limit to how many you can have, especially near the festive spree. It is round in appearance and is eaten in pieces. It can be bought dipped in sugar syrup, but people often choose to eat it otherwise.

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If you reside in Kolkata, you are probably familiar with the exquisite taste it offers. But if you are planning on visiting this cultural place, make sure to try your hand on these scrumptious sweet dishes.

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