As the name suggests, fantasy cricket refers to one of the most famous online fantasy games that are played by creating a virtual team of real cricket players. This is one of the most widely played online game. The teams created by the game players compete depending upon the statistical performance of the real players in their actual game. The gamer needs to form a cricket team consisting of 11 players from a group of players available. The gamer then gets rewarded as per the runs, wickets and catches in correspondence to the player’s performance in their live match. These games help to get to experience real-time fun virtually. This is where the gamer’s cricket knowledge is put to use. The participant needs to create a cricket squad depending upon their knowledge about the game. The cricket squad then scores points based upon the real matches.

The gamer also competes with other user and beat them with their squad. Winning the game increases the chances of winning real cash and prizes on daily basis. Due to these attractive prizes and offers, the number of people playing these fantasy games is increasing tremendously. The participant needs to register themselves to some particular sites or applications offering such games. These fantasy games provide thrilling match experiences and bring no disappointment. These are very engrossing and provides a sense of belongingness with the desired cricket team. Also, there are multiple formats available for the game and one can play as per their need and convenience. When playing online, certain online fantasy cricket tips need to be kept in mind before continuing with the game. Some of these are as follows:

  1. CHOOSING THE BEST PERFORMING PLAYERS: Fantasy cricket is all about choosing the best players for your squad. These virtual games test the skills and knowledge of the gamer relating to the particular sport. It is always a must to choose the best performing players instead of simply going for the favourite ones. Performing players help win the games through their effective batting, bowling and fielding. Cricket is a game that requires maintenance of consistency among the real players. Therefore, one should choose such players who are consistent with their performance.
  2. CHOOSING THE BEST CAPTAIN AND VICE CAPTAIN: The virtual game requires creating a cricket squad similar to the real one. It is important to choose the captain and vice-captain of the game wisely as this help the players earn some bonus points. Choosing these players correctly can be quite rewarding for virtual game players.
  3. COMPLETE REGISTRATION PROCESS TO BE FOLLOWED: Whenever someone wishes to play any of these virtual games, they need to get themselves registered. It is a must to complete the registration process to continue further playing the game. It is suggested to fill in all the details correct so that there is no confusion at the later stage or during the pay-outs.
  4. READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU BEGIN WITH THE GAME: The virtual world as the name suggests is not real. Hence, various things need to be kept in mind before playing such games. One should read all the instructions and terms and conditions before beginning with the game. Many times one needs to accept these terms and conditions. This will help the gamer understand all the rules of the game as well as the changes that he could make during the game. One can make few last-minute changes before the actual game begins. The gamer should be much attentive at this time.
  5. BETTER TO CREATE MORE THAN ONE TEAM: It is always said to be prepared with plan B if plan A fails, the same goes for fantasy cricket as well. There are no restrictions on the number of teams. Therefore, you should try creating more than one team. Creating multiple squads of the player increases the gamer’s probability to win more prizes and rewards.
  6. CAREFULLY CHOOSE THE COMBINATION: Any real or virtual cricket team consists of certain players that are good at some specific field. The gamer needs to create the right combination of such people. Instead of choosing specific batsmen or ballers or fielders, one should first try going for the all-rounder. Such players are capable of performing all the tasks in the right manner. The right combination of the player increases the chances of winning more prizes.
  7. USING MOBILE APPLICATION: Most of the game developers have introduced such games that can easily be installed on the smartphone. This is another added features as it simplifies the process of registering and playing. One can download these applications from the play store and then continue with playing the game.
  8. FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS: one’s instinct can prove quite useful in such games. It is good to keep in mind the player’s history in previous matches. These could act as an added advantage for the gamer. It is also good to keep some uncapped players in the team as the batting and bowling of such players will be unknown to others.

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So, these are some of the tips one can keep in mind while playing any online fantasy cricket game. Cricket is one such game that revives the emotions of one and all. Playing fantasy cricket helps the participant create the own squad and have a real-time experience of the game. There are various applications for fantasy cricket game available on the play store. One should always check the reviews and ratings to download the best out of them all. The demand for these games is continuously rising as these are really attractive and rewarding. Also, these do not require much time and can be played easily after installing the application on the smartphone. The applications are safe and secure. One can totally rely on them. The payouts and rewards are given to the winners from time to time and there is not much delay in such prizes. Also, this is not similar to gambling and is totally legal in countries like India.

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