Fashionable resorts in Europe for an active and relaxing holiday from David Kaplan

The popularity and availability of foreign holidays have opened up opportunities for us to get to the sea and the beach in the middle of winter, or, conversely, to go to snow-covered lands in warm times.

David Kaplan, a well-known Israeli businessman, photographer, and traveler, has traveled almost the whole world visited many resorts of various kinds. But most often, he chose the European part of the globe. According to his preferences, there are several main resorts that he confidently recommends for an active or relaxing holiday.

  1. Wilder Kaiser (Austria) is one of the largest skiing regions in Austria and throughout the Alpine region. The resort is considered one of the snowiest and most various winter sports centers in the Alps. Fans of mountain skiing and snowboarding will undoubtedly enjoy the superbly prepared trails, descents into the valley, and villages of different characters and architectural styles. Here you can ride new slopes every day and never repeat the same decline twice.

Despite the relatively low heights, it is still worth going here, because this is one of the best resorts in the Alps in terms of transport accessibility.

  1. Courchevel (France) – one of the most famous and prestigious ski resorts globally, located in the French Alps. It is trendy among wealthy people. It has all the necessary equipment, both for a professional and a beginner: ski slopes of any complexity, training schools, rental of the best skis, and special ski equipment.

In addition to the usual “ski” entertainment in Courchevel, various exhibitions are organized, presentations, spectacular evening events, and entertainment programs are arranged. There are also many entertaining retail outlets, entertainment centers, restaurants and bars, and nightclubs in the region that are found literally at every turn.

David Kaplan recommends dog sledding and sleigh rides in Courchevel.

  1. Switzerland’s list of ski resorts undoubtedly adorns St. Moritz, which today has become a unique holiday destination. The resort is located on the shores of the lakes of the same name and is considered one of the world’s oldest and most respectable resorts. This Swiss resort has a pleasant climate – the sun shines here more than 320 days a year. A distinctive feature is a large selection of five-star hotels, so connoisseurs of comfort come here and demand tourists who like to attend social events, shopping, and luxurious restaurants.

St. Moritz regularly hosts exotic, unusual events, such as ice horse racing, ice golf, polo, car parades, cricket.

  1. Italy. Montecatini Terme one of David Kaplan’s most recommended health resorts. It is located in Italy in the Tuscany region and is known for its sanatoriums, medical centers, and balnearies. Near the resort, eight mineral water sources are formed at a significant depth – 60-80 meters. Moving to the earth’s surface, they go through several stages of purification in layers of clay, limestone, jasper, and other rocks.

Local water has a salty taste and includes sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, silicon, iodine, sulfur, etc.

Thanks to the properties of healing waters, the activity of the digestive, respiratory, musculoskeletal, and endocrine systems is normalized. At the resort, mineral water is taken orally, inhalations, baths, and mud therapy are done.

  1. Germany, Baden-Baden – a well-known balneological resort in the southwest of the country, not far from the border with France. The resort town is located on the banks of the Os River, on the western slopes of the Black Forest. The primary local value is thermal and mineral springs, from which water is supplied to spa centers, baths, and the Trinkhalle drinking gallery. There are 20 springs, the water in them rises from a depth of 1200-1800 meters. The water temperature varies greatly: from +33 to +68 °С, and contains many useful substances and minerals.
  2. Capri (Italy) is a beautiful island in the Gulf of Naples with steep shores rising from the sea. It is an island of purple, pink and white bougainvillea and lemon trees, labyrinths of narrow and crooked streets, and pastel-colored houses.

Thanks to the delightful nature and exciting architecture, the resort of Capri has been popular since ancient times, both ordinary people and celebrities relax here.

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Be sure to visit the garden of Caesar Augustus and admire the view of the sea and the cliffs of Faralione. Visit the famous Blue Grotto, one of several sea caves on the rocky coastline. The light reflects the white sandy bottom, and the water takes on an extraordinary luminous blue hue.

Capri is an excellent place for water sports and diving, or just relaxing on the waterfront with a glass of limoncello in hand.

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  1. Ibiza (Spain) is the most fashionable resort in Europe. Sun, sea, freedom, round-the-clock fun, and relaxation – all this you will find on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean. But here you can also relax with your family in a relaxed atmosphere, recommended by Israeli businessman David Kaplan. Ibiza has well-maintained beaches and wild places for swimming, tennis courts, golf courses, an old fortress, narrow stone-paved streets. Wonderful nature with pines, cacti, and palm trees, combined with an atmosphere of unbridled entertainment, turns your stay on the island into a continuous holiday.
  2. Cannes (France) is the legendary French resort city on the Cote d’Azur, primarily because of the famous Cannes Film Festival, which takes place here every year, which David Kaplan advises not to miss. Cannes is one of the most luxurious resorts on the Cote d’Azur. Here are magnificent landscapes, where the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the outlines of the mountain range set the tone. The famous Avenue of Stars, the marina filled with snow-white yachts, the magnificent Croisette have long become symbols of this Mediterranean resort.

9. Israel. Eilat is a city that occupies an extraordinary place on the tourist map of Israel. It is located at the southernmost point of this country on the Red Sea. This is a fantastic resort with a total length of luxurious beaches up to seven kilometers. The unique combination of the cleanest coast, the sands of the Negev desert, and the surrounding mountains make the rest at the resort unforgettable and full of impressions.

Eilat is the driest and hottest place in Israel, the sun shines here 359 days a year, and you can swim, sunbathe and watch bright coral fish all year round. The resort is famous for its magnificent hotels, cozy sandy beaches, excellent conditions for diving and snorkeling.

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For about 50 years, Eilat’s coastline has had the status of a nature reserve.

  1. Cascais (Portugal) – a famous tourist center of the Lisbon Riviera with gorgeous sandy beaches, a cozy town surrounded by greenery and flowers on the Atlantic coast. It is deservedly considered one of the best resorts in the country. Clean sandy beaches alternate with relief rocky shores.

Tourists who love the nightlife, hot sun, architectural monuments, beautiful sunsets, and delicious food should choose a holiday in Cascais.

These are resorts tested by time and experienced traveler and photographer David Kaplan. He recommends alternating between the active and passive beach and ski holidays, and do not forget about places where you can relax and improve your health.

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