FIFA 22 Volta News Confirmed – All You Need To Know About The Volta In FIFA 22

So far we have heard all the new features coming to the FIFA 22 career mode and the new ultimate team, this time we are talking about Volta. unlike the previous game modes, EA hasn’t released a trailer, but they have released a deep dive pitch notes over on their website. we’ll be covering all the new features. let’s start off by saying that Volta is not the most popular game mode. it was originally added to FIFA 20 after huge backlash from fans when they criticized EA for making changes to ultimate team in previous years because it made more money. other game modes such as career mode or pro clubs was pushed to the side, fans wanted EA to make changes in other areas including bringing back fan favorite games such as FIFA street, EA brought back FIFA street and called it Volta. unfortunately, in the first year, it didn’t go down too well. the second year was slightly better, but still wasn’t amazing. it felt like the game mode was lacking, with the most recent deep dive pitch notes, it seems like EA would somewhat agree. because with FIFA 22, there’s quite a few different changes.

#1 New Skill Meter

The first one to talk about is the new skill meter. with the skill meter, you are rewarded with your flair, your skill moves and FIFA Coins. if you take on players with skill moves, fancy passes or wall passes, you will be awarded points. those points will go straight into your skill meter. by building up that skill meter, eventually it will benefit you and your team. because building up the skill meter with your team can make your next goal worth more. EA have confirmed that you can fill up the skill meter through the following actions.

The skill meter is broken down into three sections and each section takes 1 000 points to fill. if you manage to get quite a few nutmegs or FIFA 22 Coins, you’re going to be ranking this up very quickly. but what’s really important is why this skill meter is broken down to three different sections. when the first section of the skill meter is filled the goal multiplayer is two times. this means the next goal will count as two goals instead of one. the second section is a similar premise except it’s triple. for the third section maxing this out it is quadruple. by successfully being skill points through the actions that we already mentioned, you will be awarded points. those points will then be added to the skill meter. by building up the skill meter, it will equal more goals once you actually score a goal. if you are a very good player and you’re part of a very good team, this could lead to complete domination.

#2 Signature Abilities

The skill meter isn’t the only meter that you need to think about, because in addition to this, EA have also added signature abilities. signature abilities are linked to a separate signature ability meter, once that meter is filled with a tap of a button, your avatar will have a gameplay advantage, as they will be able to get FUT 22 Coins within that current moment for a limited amount of time. EA have also gone in depth in how they work.

The abilities are broken down to power strike, pure pace, and aggressive tackle. each having a different benefit to you as the player and your team dependent in the location that you are on the pitch. it should be highlighted that this is not a new feature. it’s new for Volta and FIFA 22. some of you may remember the old days of FIFA street. FIFA street had this exact gameplay mechanic. it wasn’t able to choose your abilities because everyone had the exact same thing. this was a very powerful strike, but even though this isn’t new, this is still a very good thing, because that was what made FIFA street fun back in the days. so hopefully bringing this back is a good addition.

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