Four Useful Tips on Home Decor

To add to the aesthetic value of a home the resident can follow some simple yet very useful tips. Let us have a quick look at some of them.

  • Carpets for Any Room

Cleanliness freaks can go for laminate floors or tiles. These options are also very durable. Carpets on the other hand, can be really useful during the winter, when cold creeps through the gaps in doors and window panes. The carpet doesn’t necessarily have to cover the entire floor, and even if it covers just the portion below the coffee table or the bed foot, it will be enough. There are several options that the carpets come in. there are varied textures and one would get something or the other of his choice. For the kids’ rooms, easy-to-clean carpets are appropriate, while for the guestroom or the bedroom a soft rug can be really good.

  • The “Mirror on the Wall”

Mirrors can actually play a great role in illuminating the interior of a room, by drawing the required light. Even the darkest corridors or rooms with the tiniest windows can be lit up with the right placement of mirrors. An expert would advise the use of mirrors of different sizes. However, the mirror frame must be complimenting the current interior of the room.
Living up the dull bathroom walls with mirrors of different shapes and sizes is another idea. A certain character is given to the bathroom, along with the introduction of some space to it.

  • The Paint You Splash

To give a room a brand-new look, a coat of paint will be enough. If the color is chosen rightly, and applied on the floors, the walls and even the old furniture pieces a great difference can be made in the existing ambience of the room. It would be a great idea to create accent walls. For instance, if three walls of a room are painted with light colors, the fourth one must be painted bold and bright. Even simple furniture, if painted with new colors can greatly accentuate a rooms beauty.

  • Greenery

Want to do something absolutely out of the mark to give your home a unique dimension. Well, adding plants can make things really adventurous. Setting up a green wall is the one of the best ideas of interior plantations. A number of purposes are served by this structure. The piece consumes no floor space and all it uses is a blank wall. Thus, there is a natural appeal.

Pot plants are also great options. They are enough to add an all-new ambience to the corner of your dining or living room. One can also keep the pot in the kitchen and grow some edible herbs in it, to ensure a fresh supply herb.

There are many ways of adding color and life to your old home. All you would need to do is come up with creative ways like up cycling outdoor furniture or adding some plants. Newer colors give the interior an upgraded look.

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