Hacking just got a little bit harder

Sometimes, when reading about the latest massive organisation to fall prey to cyber attacks, it can be hard to stay sympathetic. Some companies just make it so easy. I honestly thought while reading: “did you want to be a victim??” I’m not saying there aren’t sophisticated malware programmes out there, that there aren’t incredibly complex hacker groups with tools that go undetected for years (hello, have you heard of LightBasin? Terrifying!). But most cyber security issues nowadays are the result of a lack of due diligence, forward planning and a prevention-first approach to security.

That’s why, as a security professional for a cloud-delivered service model provider, I’m constantly on the look-out for possible threats and future technology developments that may not be a time-consuming upgrade or series of patches. And one of those not-too-distant threats is the advent of the quantum computer age.

As noted technologist Luther Martin put it (link above), “The security of essentially all of the public-key encryption algorithms that are widely used now will be reduced to essentially zero if attackers have access to large quantum computers. If engineers figure out how to build large-scale quantum computers, the security provided by the RSA algorithm essentially disappears, as does the security provided by many other common public-key encryption algorithms.”

The company unafraid of quantum computers

Enter Arqit, the platform-as-a-service company using satellite technology to deliver secure, symmetric keys at insane speeds and in a fully scalable way. And here’s the real beauty of it: the company’s QuantumCloud solution protects against quantum computers and their decryption possibilities – plus it doesn’t cost as much as such an elegant solution would seem to.

Arqit has been on most cyber professionals’ radars for the past few months, but now, their offering got even better with the signing last month of a partnership agreement with AI-powered networking firm Juniper Networks.

This is an incredible win for CISOs/CSOs everywhere, as the solution the partnership will offer will undoubtedly include network-focused protections – important, as network-level attacks are some of the most common, particularly for threat actors who aim to disrupt a businesses’ operations. And while this will help all types of organisations develop a more robust security system, it’s particularly important for ISPs and network providers around the world.

From the press release, Arqit founder and CEO David Williams had this to say: “Juniper and Arqit will work together to explore and test the application of quantum security technologies, including Arqit’s innovative platform QuantumCloud, to networks. We are delighted to partner with Juniper to demonstrate how QuantumCloud can address the quantum security threats to networks and make networking technology safer and more secure. Juniper’s mission to provide secure networking makes this partnership a natural fit for Arqit and our technologies.”

But, I hear you ask, are we really at the point where we need quantum encryption and security tech?

“The quantum revolution is already happening — it’s not a product of the future anymore. The question isn’t, ‘When will it impact our lives?’ but rather, ‘How will it change our lives?’ Studies have already predicted that quantum computing will become a multi-billion-dollar industry as early as 2030. And at this early stage, businesses can begin preparing for the onset of new technology.”

With the growing threat of malicious attacks to SD-Wan and Border Gateway Protocols and most companies deploying SD-Wan security and using BGPs, the partnership will be a massive boon to those looking for a robust solution that will protect them now and into the future.

Considering the scale of impact of not upgrading current encryption, my advice is to start looking at a full-scale replacement sooner, rather than later: and by that, I mean now. One of the reasons my company has chosen to implement QuantumCloud is that it protects against all the existing types of cyber attack, providing a full-proof answer to symmetric key delivery (the fully space-age solution is satellite key delivery). And of course, the extra-large, extra sweet cherry on top is the protection against quantum computers being used to decrypt data. As many have pointed out, many mal-actors have already infiltrated company’s systems, gleaned their data and sauntered off. That data is already stored – just think what they’ll be able to do with it once they have a large enough quantum computer to decrypt it. If you visit this site you can know this about PPC Agency UK 

And that leads me back to my starting point: while the quantum computer threat may seem to only be looming on the distant horizon, it’s closer than you might think. And no one wants to be the laughing stock of their peers!

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