Hiring a Tucson auto accident attorney: Things that really matter

On an unfortunate day, you may end up in a car crash in Tucson that wasn’t your fault (at least for the most part). Arizona is a fault state. If a driver is negligent, they must pay compensation for victims’ damages and losses, typically through their insurance company. People often hesitate in calling a Tucson auto accident attorney because they are not in a position to pay the fee. The good news is you don’t need a big fortune to seek legal representation. If you are hiring an accident lawyer for the first time, here are the things that really matter. By clicking here you can contact us today.

  1. Experience and expertise. Professionals are never the same in any industry. Some accident lawyers are obviously more experienced than others, which could be valuable for your case. Personal injury law is complex and vast, and it covers a whole range of cases and accidents. Car accidents are often different, and you need an attorney who deals with such cases regularly in their practice. Don’t shy away from discussing the accident lawyer’s achievements and expertise. As needed, you can also ask for references. 
  2. Availability. If a car crash lawyer is not responding to your calls, or you had a hard time contacting their office, you should look for other options. Attorneys are busy professionals, but they are expected to be available for clients as and when required. They must offer updates on your case and should reply to your queries. That said, you can ask the lawyer if they can recommend someone else from the same law firm when they are not available. 
  3. Reviews. A car accident lawyer who has practiced in Tucson for years must have enough clients and good reviews. While references are handy, you should check for reviews posted online by others. If there are too many bad ratings or clients have complained specifically about certain things, you have to consider other options. 

As for the cost of hiring an attorney for your car accident claim, it all depends on the lawyer’s experience and complications of the accident. Attorneys take such cases on a contingency basis, which means that the lawyer gets paid if they win. You don’t need to pay the lawyer right away, and you can expect them to offer a free assessment of your case. Ideally, you should call a lawyer soon after the crash so that they can start the investigation and collect evidence. 

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