How Healthy Are Australian Vaporizers?

This takes a little doing to actually answer, because you have to understand how a dry herb vaporizer works as well as why smoking is as toxic as it is. Australian vaporizers, for what it’s worth, are among the healthiest as far as how they are engineered, but there are a lot of factors behind these that are predicated upon what the user chooses to put in them, and so aren’t something anything they have any bearing over. They are engineered to be safe and extract oils from the herb in the healthiest way possible within the bounds of any given herb you might put in there, of course.

First, let’s understand what is smoke actually is. When you burn something, that’s a very high-energy and rapid chemical reaction, and there are byproducts produced such as ash, carcinogenic byproducts and the released oils that are themselves nonflammable. It is these oils that you want from the smoke anyhow, they deliver the sensation, the flavor and the active ingredients in whatever your smoking. The ash is an irritant, and it can cause allergies, inflammation, respiratory illnesses and all sorts of things. The carcinogenic compounds of course need no further expounding, they are carcinogens.

In the case of most commonly-used dry herbs and tobacco, the oil and the active, psychoactive ingredient in them isn’t really very harmful if harmful at all. Nicotine, for example, is it particularly harmful to healthy adults, though it is extremely addictive as our other psychoactive compounds in many other dry herbs commonly enjoyed. So, since a dry herb vaporizer doesn’t burn the herb, the smoke isn’t present and a lot of the downsides such as the above health risks are generally not present.

Along with this, the lack of secondhand smoke, dangers from open combustion, ash and nasty odors make this a much more considerate thing to use around other people and also helps to convey a better impression of yourself when you don’t smell like an ashtray or whatever it is you smoke in any other way.

Does this mean that using Australian vaporizers is guaranteed to be 100% healthy? No, as I said, this depends on what you put in the thing in the first place, and there are some herbs that are 100% harmless, while others still aren’t 100% healthy, but definitely healthier than if you smoke them. Simply know the nature of the active ingredient in whatever dry herb you place in there and what it may or may not do to your body. This includes being aware of this in relation to your personal body chemistry, sensitivities, medical conditions and medications you may be on.

Do bear in mind that anyplace that bans smoking will also be in vapes and vaporizers like this, and this is in a perhaps misguided attempt to be fair to everyone in most countries.

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