How Mohammed Ali Rashid Became One Of The Top 100 Asian Leaders In America

There is strength in diversity when people of different backgrounds and cultures come together. They can create a society filled with talent and tolerance, which has always been the American ideal, with countless immigrants drawn to this promise. 

Many came from various parts of Asia, raising their families while contributing to their adopted country. For example, some Asian Americans are beginning to exert political power in key areas such as New York. 

In 2021, City & State came up with a list of the Top 100 Asian Leaders in America. Among them is Mohammed Ali Rashid. 

Ali Rashid, a resident of New York, is a broker by profession, with his work focusing on the development of solid business relationships with clients. The aim is to provide them with the best service in the industry. 

Rashid is also the owner of several Kingsland properties in the state. Aside from his primary work in real estate, he is also engaged in multiple philanthropic projects in and around New York. 

Over the years, he has served on the board of directors of organizations such as the Pakistan-US Alumni Network (PUAN) and the American Pakistani Advocacy Group (APAG). 

The COVID-19 pandemic created numerous challenges for everyone, including Asian-American communities. Mohammed Ali Rashid led the efforts to help Pakistani Americans in New York throughout the ordeal. 

He rallied the American Pakistani Advocacy Group to use its resources to meet people’s urgent needs. For example, the group delivered more than 10,000 grocery packages through its food drive. 

It serves as a lifeline for thousands of households, many of which were unable to go out due to restrictions and health concerns. With food on the table, families could stay safe and comfortable in their own homes.  

Ali Rashid has always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. He can do that for the Asian American community and others dreaming of coming to the US with successful business and leadership positions in advocacy groups. 

In an interview, Rashid said he was humbled by his inclusion in the list of formidable individuals. He views it as an honor to give back to the community that raised him, especially as the world grapples with an invisible and dangerous foe. He looks forward to continuing the work with his team in APAG and PUAN.  

Ali Rashid was born in Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan. He migrated to the US with his family as a young boy. They lived in Queens, New York, and he attended Stony Brook University on Long Island, earning a degree in Business Administration. 

He became a successful broker, property owner, a member of the National Association of Realtors and the Real Estate Board of New York. He founded the American Pakistani Advocacy Group and became its president. This nonprofit organization aims to empower the local Pakistani Americans through civic engagement and leadership development. 

The tireless work of Mohammed Ali Rashid has not gone unnoticed. He is the recipient of several awards and honors. One of them is the Ellis Island Medal of Honor which is given to immigrants who demonstrate outstanding commitment to nation-building. 

Another is the Stony Brook University Alumni Achievement Award from his alma mater. It recognizes his contributions to society since graduating from the institution. Rashid’s inclusion in the Top 100 of the Power of Diversity List is just the latest recognition to come his way. His actions during trying times show that he is an emerging leader in the Asian American community.

Mohammed Ali Rashid is keen on continuing what he started with the American Pakistani Advocacy Group. He plans to expand the organization’s reach so that it can help more Pakistani Americans. 

APAG’s leadership development program helps young people in the community gain the skills they need to thrive. The group provides participants with the resources to become active in civic engagement and take on their leadership roles. Ali Rashid also plans to do more philanthropic work as the need arises. 

The Power of Diversity: Asian 100 Leaders List is an annual compilation of notable names by the Asian American Council. They aim to highlight leaders in communities and industries making significant contributions. Some have appeared multiple times because of their undeniable impact on the common good. 

Among those on the 2021 list are members of congress, state senators, assembly members, city commissioners, company presidents, city council members, lawyers, NGO founders, newspaper editors, journalists, tech workers, community organizers, and corporate executives. It is an impressive list of movers and shakers in the US, all of whom have an Asian heritage. 

They have done incredible things over the past year, most of which are connected to the COVID-19 pandemic and related issues. One is a member of congress who seeks to improve Asian American safety given the rising cases of hate crimes. 

Another is an assembly member who advocates for the welfare of seniors in nursing homes who are affected by the public health crisis. Many on the list supported pandemic relief efforts for their constituents and secured funding for critical projects. 

With this list, readers may realize the tremendous power of the Asian American community to improve lives and help the country move forward. Inclusion in such an illustrious list is a great honor. For Mohammed Ali Rashid, it inspires him to do more for the welfare of the Pakistani Americans as a way of giving back. 

With his successful career, he is keen on sharing knowledge and resources to anyone who wants to do the same. With APAG, he continues to develop future leaders in the community through various programs. The group also mobilizes its resources to improve the welfare of those in need.

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