How much does an electric Fireplace give heats?

We often hear the misunderstanding of electric fireplaces, thinking that electric fireplaces cannot generate enough heat. Of course, that is not right. The electric fireplace is not only used for display but also generates a lot of heat, which can keep your room warm and comfortable. What they do is different from gas fireplaces and solid fuel fireplaces.

So, to clear up any doubts, we’ve compiled some information on how electric flames grow hot and whether they can heat your space.

Is it possible for an electric fireplace to get hot?

It is important to remember that different fireplaces generate heat in different ways.

Radiant heat

Radiant heat is generated by warm objects, which not only warms the air but also emits heat energy that can be absorbed by the room and the people sitting in the room. The best example of radiant heat is the sun! Its infrared heat wave reaches the earth and makes us feel warm immediately.

When it comes to fireplaces, glass-fronted gas fires have the benefit of radiant heat, just like wood stoves. The glass or cast iron body heats up and radiates heat to the outside. Radiant heat Since they do not produce a real flame, the heat must be produced in some other way.

The heat generated by convection

This brings us to the topic of convection heat. All types of fire consume convection heat to some extent. However, because electric fires lose radiant heat, this is your primary heating method for your room. Convection heat is when the air warms itself. Creating a stream that circulates warmer air through the room.

Electric fires suck cooler air out of your room and direct it through a coil of hot metal. Now the hot air comes out of the fire, usually with a fan, and the convection process begins.

Back to the original question: Will the electric fireplace heat up? The answer is no, the fire itself won’t feel hot, but it will still warm the air and space around them. The convection heat of an electric fire is by no means worse than radiant heat. It is more effective at distributing heat evenly around the room.

How much heat are electric fireplaces capable of producing?

Of course, if you decide to have a fire, you need one that generates enough heat to keep your room nice and warm. One of the great advantages of an electric fire is that none of the heat it generates is lost through a fireplace or other ventilation. They have a 100 ° deficiency, which means that there is no waste of energy at all. Many electric fires also have features like thermostats and timers, so you have maximum control over how much your room heats.

If you want to calculate exactly how much heat a compact electric fireplace will produce, look at the kW power. In general, the heat output of an electric fireplace is between 0.7 and 2 kW. How much heat are electric fireplaces capable of producing?

Generally, a 1 to the 2-kilowatt electric fireplace can generate 4,000 to 4,600 BTU per hour. The amount of BTU you need depends on the size and insulation of your room and how many heat sources you have. The living room in the United Kingdom is equipped with a radiator, and a 2 kW electric stove should provide good additional heating.

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