How to choose a wedding suit?

A wedding is a memorable event in a man’s life. And most men want the day to be one of the best dressed days in their life. A wedding is a special moment, and the appearance should also be special. Wedding suits highlight the significance of the special occasion. The goal of the clothing is to make the groom look as good-looking as possible. Most men consider the simple two-piece suit with dark formal colours the best option for their wedding day. Generally, men choose charcoal grey or navy blue suits. They look elegant with a white coloured shirt and a simple tie.

Choosing a wedding outfit 


In winter, bridegrooms can wear heavier and textured wedding suits, and light coloured suits are a great option in the spring season. Outdoor weddings held in summer need a breathable fabric to withstand the heat. Flannel suits in beautiful colours and delightful plaid patterns are suitable for fall weddings.


The classic wedding suit in blue colour is suitable for most weddings. Any shade of blue is chosen depending on the groom’s preference and personality. The most preferred colours are solid blue, dark blue, cobalt blue and midnight blue. The suits need three buttons, a single vent and jetted pockets. Men can also wear contemporary suits in light grey, light blue or off-white colour, and they should be three buttoned with double vents and have jetted or flap pockets.


Considering the time of the wedding is essential while trying to choose a wedding suit. Some locations demand lightweight and breathable fabrics like wool. Materials are crucial because they should keep the groom comfortable. A traditional and smart outfit in classic colours works the best for weddings held in a city.


A shirt is the most important accompaniment to the suit. It must enhance the suit’s appearance and make sure that the groom looks best. A white shirt is the best option for most wedding suits. It gives a crisp look and matches the white dress of the bride. Shirts made from lightweight fabrics or cotton are the best choice for spring and summer weddings.


Black leather shoes with lace-up options are considered the best choice for weddings. If the wedding suit is in a dark colour, black shoes are the only best option. Medium brown and dark brown shoes are worn with navy blue suits.


Wedding suits look perfect with silk ties. The best colour options for a tie are blue, cream and ivory. A sevenfold tie adds a touch of luxury to the suit. The groom must wear a tie of a different colour than that of the groomsmen.

The most crucial part of buying a wedding suit is finding exact body measurements. Correct measurements ensure that the attire fits the groom perfectly. It is better to select the jackets, trousers, waistcoats and accessories after deciding whether the groom wants to blend in or stand out. Modern grooms consider their wedding suits to reflect their style and personality.

Wedding suits are easier to personalize and are available in a range of colours and styles. The groom’s clothing must match the bride’s attire. Speciality tailors can craft perfectly fitting clothes for the groom that make the event memorable. It is fun and exciting for men to choose the right suit that makes them feel confident and comfortable.

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