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How to create an identity for yourself

For creating a logo you don’t have to use the services of designers or even rely on specialized firms You are able to create a logo on your own. The biggest benefit is that you’re the only person who can decide what essential details must be included, so doing your own development is the best choice. Once you have come the idea for your logo, and then choosing the color or font, as well as the general design of the logo you will be using You will be able to create a unique look and emphasize all the beauty of the company. By adhering to simple but efficient guidelines, you can make time, and save quite lots of money.

The meaning of a logo? Its significance for the business

The logo can be a symbol for a business. It allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and help promote your company’s name or product in the masses. A well-designed logo has an impact on the trust of your customers by drawing their attention to your business and significantly increasing the demand. The logo is, without doubt, the primary factor in establishing the overall appearance of the business. The right branding can affect people’s feelings and makes it easier to recall the feeling of engaging with your business.

Let’s look at the primary roles in this Logo:

– Aids in promoting and recognizing a brand or brand

– The foundation for the creation of an identity for a company;

Attracts customers, increases confidence in customers

– Guaranteed property.

There are three kinds of logos:

  1. Text. It is how the core of the company’s or brand is communicated using simple or colored text, which uses the name
  2. Iconic. The emphasis is on a single image, symbol or one capital letter
  3. Combined. The most widely used and versatile kind of logo that incorporates the elements of the words and symbols.

How to create your own logo, the basics guidelines

When creating a logo you must follow fundamental steps to ensure that you consider every aspect of your company and will aid in the development of high-quality.

  1. Do a thorough assessment of the company. Answer the most crucial questions: What does the business do, who is its customers is it targeting at, and what message do you intend to convey visually. These questions will aid you in deciding on the concept for your logo.
  2. Check out competitors. Spend the time to look at the images of competitors and note down each plus and minus.
  3. Be inspired by your ideas. Take a look at the registration examples from completely different businesses. Visit various websites that are thematic and highlight images you enjoy.
  4. Create draft designs. After an in-depth study and assessment of similar businesses, you’ll begin to think of concepts. Make sure you record all idea on a paper to ensure that you do not overlook any details.
  5. Select the color. This decision should be treated with particular attention because the appropriate colors bring out the emotions and have the proper significance. Utilize not more than three colors in the logo which are harmonious with one another. Avoid color conflict because of a bad mix that, in addition, doesn’t apply to the business’s activities and the attention of customers will be low.

For instance the logo of an organization that organizes holidays must not have dark hues since bright colors are usually associated with this particular direction.

  1. Choose the font for your text. When selecting a font it is essential to consider the area of work of the business Handwritten or decorative font is ideal for a salon or a business, while a strict font is more appropriate for a construction business.
  2. Select an icon for your logo. First thing that people immediately notice is the icon that appears in the logo. The icon is brief and explains the products or services offered by the business. In a store for children you could make use of images of clothing toys or even a drawing of a child. There are numerous choices.

When all the steps are complete After that, you are able to begin creating your logo with computers as well as online creators. For using graphics software (for instance, Adobe Photoshop), you must have a minimum of capabilities that not everyone has. Making a logo with software like the Turbologo online designer is the most efficient choice. This tool will allow you to design a huge variety of logos within a short period of time, with no special knowledge or experience. From the options available it is certain that you will get a distinctive logo that will be an iconic “face” of your company.


Don’t put off the idea of designing your own logo because the fundamental steps and procedure itself aren’t difficult. Do not be afraid to express your thoughts, make clear what is the primary purpose behind your logo, adhere to the instructions and you’ll have an original, but an original logo!

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