Work is worship, isn’t it? We have heard of this phrase so many times and by the time we start working this phrase starts to make sense as well. We are used to the traditional offices where we have to rent out a commercial space and carry forward our work.

But the coronavirus pandemic of 2019 brought in major changes in the corporate world. It promoted the idea of home offices, work from home options and evoked a different side of us all. Today we will talk about home offices and their designs. Minimalist designs with minimalist desks and chairs are just the perfect choice. So, let us know more about it.


The work environment creates a big impact on employees and their work efficiency. A workspace should be relaxing and comfortable to allow employees and staff members to spend long hours there. Minimalistic designs are just the right choice for such requirements.

A minimalistic workspace induces calmness and elevates the mood and work spirits of the professionals. The desks and the monitor setup, for instance, take up most space and create a huge impact in the entire setting of the workspace. It is the place where work is done and we must get these things right. So, let us give you some innovative tips to get the perfect minimalist desk and setup for your home office.

1. Choose the correct desks

There are many office desk options present in the market ranging from traditional ones to modern ones. Out of all of these, the L-shaped tables have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. The traditional square or rectangle-shaped desks have become monotonous and often cause space crunch. Also, it does not go well with the minimalistic setting.

The L-shape of the tables gives the worker an extended space to be comfortable and use the desk space correctly. The space does not look cluttered and allows free movement through workstations. There is room for accessories and files and promotes ease of work.

2. Color Scheme

It’s all in the colours! Colours take up most of the space and impact the overall look of the room. Don’t blue walls resonate with the ocean while green does to forests? So, similarly, colour schemes can make or break a proper minimalist layout for your office.

The minimalist design means making the most of little things, going by the ideology of less is more. Choose light colours for your home office preferably white. Color is the go-to colour when it comes to minimalistic design. It promotes good lighting and makes the work environment simple, classy, and easy-going.

3. Monitor Setup

The monitor is the most important component for any workspace. In fact, it is a device on which the work is going to be performed so we have to be extra careful while choosing the machines. The monitors should be updated with technologies required for the work and be easy to use.

It must have all the necessary features like storage, screen size, display, accessibility so that the work is not hindered. Currently, the 3 monitor setup is gaining quite the attention in the workspaces.

If the job is data-driven and requires you and the employees to look at different information at the same time, then this is a great setup for your workspace. The triple monitor setup helps the employees to work on different things together and increases work productivity.

The setup goes best with L – shaped desks, which provide it with the required space and flexibility, allowing the employees to use the monitors to their best capacity.

4. Wires or no wires

Wires are a complementary trap that we have to suffer through to use any device like monitors, mouse, keyboards, and all. In a minimalist workspace, where the area is small, the wires can act as a hindrance.

Especially if we consider the above tips like the l-shaped desk and 3 monitors setup then it is more discomforting. The wires tend to get mixed up and often confuse us. So, it becomes very difficult if we have to change or give the machines for servicing or for regular checking.

So, it is better to go wireless. When we are choosing everything according to the modern designs then why not wires. Going wireless will facilitate the easy setup of triple monitors and add ease to the workings.


Home workspaces are a new step in the corporate world. Earlier the designing of home workspaces was not given much attention as they usually were budding start-ups.  But now, as times are changing, people are trying to be perfect in terms of space, designing, and work whether it’s a start-up or a well-established business.

Minimalistic design is the current trend and is a bit expensive too like 3 monitor setup. But when we are saving on commercial office investments, why not use it to design the perfect workspace right at home. Incorporate these tips into your designs and enjoy a perfect minimalist workspace!

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