How to Get SMS Verification from eBay using a Virtual Number?

eBay is the largest online marketplace, where clients will find thousands of goods from different categories. It is a popular international online store, where all possible things are sold. Clients buy everything, starting from spare parts for machines up to household appliances, clothes, and accessories for pets.

eBay is not just an online store. In fact, it is an auction house, where sellers and buyers deal on the product price. The system serves as an intermediary between customers and sellers. This is the main difference between eBay and Amazon. The latter is a full-fledged international store.

Thus, to offer some goods on the website or find and purchase them, every user needs an account. It is impossible to order things, pay for them, and deal with sellers without being a registered user.

Account Creation

The procedure requires filling out a registration form, specifying personal information and a phone number, to which an eBay SMS verification code is sent. Thus, newcomers will be asked to specify the following data:

  • a full name;
  • address;
  • a mobile phone;
  • email;
  • date of birth.

However, in some cases, users may need to skip authentication.

Reasons to Bypass eBay Authentication

The most common reasons include:

  1. Users can’t use their own phone numbers due to privacy reasons, regional restrictions, or simply the absence of the number.
  2. Some clients need to create a second or new account.
  3. Visitors try to restore a frozen or blocked eBay account.

Any of these cases set obstacles to a smooth shopping experience on the website. Are there some solutions to bypass eBay account verification and enjoy online shopping? Hopefully, there are some.

Ways to Skip Account Authentication via Real Phone

If you don’t want to enter your real number, you can follow one of the next ways:

  • Ask for the phone number of your relative or friend. Register an account using the mobile number of a mother, sister, father, or a friend;
  • Use a burner phone. This is a one-time solution that allows passing verification without entering real data. Yet, this option is rather expensive;
  • Buy a virtual phone. This is a temporary solution connected for a required period. The number will be valid throughout the subscription period. This helpful solution provides more opportunities and is more cost-effective.

Why is a Fake Number the Best Way to Skip Authentication?

Here’re the following reasons to choose a fake online phone number for eBay ID verification:

  1. Improve privacy. Although eBay pays particular attention to guaranteeing user personal information security, no one knows who will become the next victim of hackers. They constantly develop new hacking schemes and infringe new Web portals. It is better to play it safe and take measures to avoid datum theft. Entering a fake online number allows avoiding data reselling or leakage, staling, or blackmailing in the case of profile hacking.
  2. Users do not lose numbers when changing location or moving. The number stays active, and users can access it via their personal accounts.
  3. It is possible to create multiple accounts. For example, some users can be both customers and sellers. Thus, they can separate their experiences by selling goods in one profile and buying products via another account. This option is possible for those users who have several phone numbers.
  4. If you do not have a smartphone, it’s not a problem since a virtual phone works via any voice hardware, such as a laptop, a PC, etc.
  5. It is possible to buy any number from different countries all over the world.
  6. For large businesses, having an international online number of other states is an easy way to introduce products on new markets. Thus, customers can order goods without knowing that the seller lives abroad.

Where to Find Fake Phones and How to Connect them?

Specialized service providers offer their services on the Internet. These are online websites that sell phone numbers from other states. The Web totals dozens of such service providers. Follow the guide:

1. Select a reliable service provider

To begin with, surf the Internet, visit several portals, and browse their websites. Draw attention to the following parameters:

  • company reputation (for how long does it provide services in this sphere);
  • the world coverage (phone numbers from what countries are offered);
  • the variety of numbers (the richer it is, the easier it will be to get access to the desired region);
  • available tariffs (what options are offered, for what periods subscriptions are provided);
  • price policies.

Compare these criteria on several platforms and select the most appropriate one.

2. Register an account

Pass the registration procedure by filling out the form and specifying all the asked data. Here, you should enter a real number to verify your profile. An SMS code will be sent to it to activate your profile.

3. Calculate the cost of services and top up the balance

Look through the price policy and calculate the required sum for paying for both the phone and the subscription.

4. Choose the country and number

Look through the list of supported regions and pick the number of what state you want to get.

5. Decide on the period of usage

Think about how long you plan to use the fake number and choose a suitable subscription plan.

6. Fill out a purchase form

Enter all the above-mentioned information in special fields and submit a purchase request.

7. Make a payment.

eBay is a large international marketplace that allows selling and buying almost every tiny thing in the world. However, there are cases when users do not want or can’t enter their mobile numbers. In this case, a fake virtual phone number will help. It is a convenient solution that will help receive authentication SMSs and register accounts on any website. The main feature of such options is improved privacy and anonymity.

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